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As you read through the entries, below, you'll begin to understand the troubling pattern of incompetence and inadequacy that I'm talking about. You'll also begin to realize that there is, in fact, no way I could easily record every instance, large, small, and moderate, of in-or-semi-competence that I, and you, run across each and every day. It's a staggering problem, that has compromised America, and our entire human family, in every way.

The inescapable conclusion is that human beings, in the main, are a bunch of "screw-ups." So much of what we do and think is simply wrong.

Do I include myself in this description? Of course.

As President, this is the phenomenon that I'll be trying to redress in some good measure, at least here in America.

And, Brothers & Sisters, the problem is going to get a lot worse as dope (i.e. marijuana, hashish) becomes legal across the country, leading to an increasingly sprawling subset of Americans walking around stoned. Insidiously, because of the often-subtle nature of the marijuana high, you'll probably never know that your doctor, auto mechanic, bus driver, waiter, tax-preparer, police officer, or teacher of your child, is high, on the job, or off.

And given that no person will ever really know what other person or persons whom they are interacting with are high, indeed in many cases persons whom they are depending on, sometimes in serious or even life-and-death situations, how will people ever trust each other again? What happens to trust, already rated low in America, between person and person, person and business, and person and government? Trust--that absolutely foundational element without which you simply cannot have a healthy and functioning society?

Trust will obviously be gravely injured, if not destroyed.

The problem will also get much worse because dementia is projected to double in this country by 2060. Drugs, and dementia:   this is the lethal pair that can bring down this country and spell the end of America, at least as the superpower that persons of my generation, Baby Boomers, have always understood her to be.

Fellow Americans, how do we maintain, and build, a healthy and prosperous society under such conditions? We don't. We simply shed a tear as we watch America continue to inexorably (i.e. can't be stopped) decline from Great Power to third-world-nation.

Fight, and terminate, this powerful and destructive enemy, drugs, by A.) reading my book GRASS NOT GREENER, and B.) electing me President.

Some blog entries, below, under construction.


April 10, 2022, Sunday

My beloved 91 year-old Mother Jean was abducted on Thursday, April 07, 2022 by a small army of government workers including several police officers with guns. They arrived at my doorstep and told me explicitly that I could not stop them from entering my home, as they needed to ensure my Mother's "well-being." I was forced to wait outside.

That I caregave my beloved Father for 14.5 years, and my Mother, for over 7 years, so far, including three years of carefully, intelligently, and expertly guiding her through a pandemic, she having reached the ripe old age of 91, speaks eloquently enough to the current state of my Mother's "well-being."

What arrogance!

That this squad of omniscient (i.e. all-knowing) Beings removed my Mother, unvaccinated, from her home, where her chance of contracting Covid was near-zero, and forcibly relocated her to a public hospital, where her chance of contracting Covid was incalculably higher, leads me to wonder about their "well-being."

As this outrageous, grossly counterproductive, and frankly incomprehensible incident screams out for chronicle and deconstruction in a book, I've begun such a project, my book draft presented on its own detached Blog page. It's also why this WebLog entry pointer, that you're now reading, is presented first, out-of-sequence in the Dysfunction Blog, on this page.

This abduction event deserves an extended account and presentation on its own Blog page, as it's of critical importance, since it is:

1.) defining in key respects in the life of myself and my family, 2.) of tremendous import for our nation and world, considering, for example, the number of persons falsely accused each year of abuse or neglect of their children, spouses, or elderly parents, oftentimes despoiling their lives, reputations, and financial resources 3.) a large-scale affront to, and evisceration of, the proper understanding and manifestation in the world of the principal of Love ("Agape"), a principal that Humanity must properly understand and implement to Actualize, at most, that is, become the best that its capacities permit, and merely survive, at least, preventing its own destruction, so it is essential that any large-scale or otherwise substantive event, force, or phenomenon, such as this abduction of my Mother that compromises such understanding must be flagged, identified, deconstructed, redressed, and remediated, 4.) the cause, in fact, not of an enhancement to, or assurance of, the "well-being" of my Mother, which was the claimed basis for entering our home by force and with permission explicitly denied, but in fact, as is clear upon reading the narrative, a cause of four distinct injuries to her (so far).

To arrogance, then, now add incompetence.

October 08, 2021, Friday

10:07a, About thirty minutes ago, attempted to pay my public service bill online. Process hung up mid-point. Now I have to waste time calling PSEG.

10:08a, Cooked a Stouffer's frozen dinner for my mother. Instructions state not to reheat the plastic tray.

OK, but what if I have to, for some reason? Maybe we've just had a flood and cooking items like a pot for stove-top reheating are not available. Is it imperative that we not reheat the tray, or just recommended? Evidently it's a health issue, which is important, but Stouffer's gives us no explanation or further information, whatsoever.

10:21a, As I sit here penning (i.e. writing) this material, the overhead LED-technology light bulb here in our kitchen just flickered, and has been flickering a bit for about 24 hours, now. My initial research indicates that all bulbs flicker, regardless of their base technology. LED bulbs, however, seem to have the strongest reputation for this behavior.

This is an especially problematic flaw, for a flickering bulb could indicate a problem with interior wiring, or some other serious electrical condition that could even lead to a fire. There could be hidden leakage from a toilet or other plumbing fixture or component on the 2nd floor, affecting the wiring between the floors, below, or in the walls.

Therefore, experiencing this behavior simply as an idiosyncrasy of the bulb, itself, is not acceptable.

October 09, 2021, Saturday

Yesterday an almost-4-year-old child, Daniel Galeas, fell from from a fourth-floor window in Harlem, N.Y.C.

Tragically, our beautiful little brother could not survive the fall.

What possible explanation would suffice in this tragic example of the large-scale failure of FUNCTIONAL COMPETENCE?

October 12, 2021, Tuesday

About four days ago upon visiting my local Shop-Rite supermarket I again indulged my I-wish-it-were-guilty pleasure and walked over to the TastyKake display, looking for the small French Apple pie. Lo-and-behold it hadn't yet been snatched up; the TastyKlair pie also looked good to my low-blood-sugared body so I took that one too, moving my shopping cart in its usual location. I opened the TastyKlair, the pie that had captured my imagination at that moment.

Upon opening the pie and anticipating the first bite of the yellow custard inside and chocolate gracing the top, i was immediately chagrined to see that the ribbon of chocolate on top of the pie had largely come off and was stuck under the top of the small, rectangular cardboard box.


It gets worse. A lot worse.

I then reverted to Plan B--my French Apple pie, opening the package, breaking the small, rectangular pie in two, as is my habit, and starting to munch. I noted the box asserting, NOW, MORE APPLES, and was struck with consternation, as the amount of apple filling seemed nicely akin to what I'm used to--but no greater. And I could see gaps or crevices between the filling and the sides of the pie. Even with the touted MORE APPLES the interior of the cardboard sleeve was not fully filled.

I briefly continued my attempt to eat and enjoy the pie, but it was not to be. I found several more solid fragments, and all but confirmed that they were plastic.


This incident produced an immediate epiphany for me, concerning the nature and character of America and American society. The question for us, now, however, concerns the presence of inedible detritus in this product, and many other food products that I--and you--purchase. For they surely represent a diminution in the American ability to competently provide products and services.

October 14, 2021, Thursday

A friend in Ohio related the following account:

He has a good relationship with his local pizzeria, from whom he orders often. However, it does make consistent mistakes.

Balance of account pending.

November 15?, 2021, Monday

Spoke with Tiffany. Wawa forgot to include a spoon for the soup. and other mistakes. See notes.

Balance of account pending.

November 16, 2021, Tuesday

My Wawa order arrived about 25 minutes ago, soup and a sandwich.

They again forgot to include a spoon. I've ordered from Wawa, this particular Wawa, in fact, many times. They customarily include a spoon when soup is ordered. Last two soup orders--no spoon.

November 30, 2021, Tuesday

I bought a jar of Vita Herring about a week ago at my local Stop-n-Shop supermarket. I kept it refrigerated and opened it about 25 minutes ago.

The herring pieces, usually soft and edible, were, this time, far more firm, almost hard. I have encountered variation and inconsistency in this product, before, but its quality is ordinarily within an acceptable range. The product of today was probably the worst, however.

Why this quality differential?

I realize, of course, that fish is a natural product, and there will be variation. But in this case it appears that the inconsistency was surmountable: simply simmer or boil the fish a few more minutes. In any case, I'm not in the fishing industry; I'm sure those in the industry have the technical knowledge to have prevented this dip in quality.

I don't want to see this. Nor can American competitiveness stand it, and my Administration is going to assist companies in redressing such problems. American industry is going to Actualize and reach a point of excellence--or me and my Administration is going to die, trying.

December 01, 2021, Wednesday

Several years ago my next-door neighbors, a young orthodox Jewish couple, took me to court with a charge of harassment. Yes, of course it's ridiculous; all the more given that, arguably, he and his wife were the harassers, not me. They were also akin to selfish, yapping babies, which is why they profligately indulged themselves by pressing a harassment charge against me, instead of simply cooperating with me in my informal noise complaint against them, as they injured me repeatedly with various kinds of noise, especially their continual stream of SUV door-and-hatch closures right outside my kitchen window, that often made me jump out of my skin at various times throughout the day, especially the morning (and still does). On one occasion my Father, alive at that time though elderly, actually fell down in the kitchen right upon hearing one of their loud vehicle closures through our kitchen wall.

This couple and I could have worked this problem out as next-door neighbors, without their resorting to the legal system, which is precisely what I was trying to do. Upon retrospect, I realize at this very moment that I pen this update, 903a, Sunday, January 02, 2022, that the problem was that these individuals did not want to "work anything out," a process that can take time, energy, effort, commitment, and even money. Like most immoral, amoral, or otherwise mediocre or immature minds, they obviously just wanted the problem--me--to simply go away.

Continuing, upon arrival to this block and making my acquaintance, I told them that my only request to them as next-door neighbors was to please refrain from use of outdoor lawn chemicals, as my Father was already elderly and suffering dementia. The husband assured me, and I still remember the scene vividly, that all he intended to use was "a little fertilizer." Well they broke this promise in spades, considering the absolute plethora of chemical and toxic substances and materials used in their large-scale outdoor home-improvement, including the likely stream of airborne particulates, not to mention the occasional outright clouds of dust when certain work occurred. I clearly remember one such incident. On the last day of the work the contractor installed a new driveway, pouring hot asphalt mere feet from where my poor Father slept. The odor began seeping into our house, and I began to fear for his life, calling both my sister and her boyfriend to assist me in quickly removing him from the house (neither responded*).

The judge in the case ordered both parties to mediation, which occurred. The directive of the Mediator was no-contact between parties. Under threat of moving the case out of mediation and back to the judicial que, which at that time would have been potentially catastrophic for me because my Mother was elderly and ill, I accepted mediation and its directives rather than participate in a trial, under which I was fully prepared to show unequivocally who the actual harassers were.

In fact, these neighbors not only injured me repeatedly with various kinds of noise, especially their continual stream of SUV door-and-hatch closures right outside my kitchen window, as partially described, above, but, believe it or not, are actually partially responsible for the premature death of my Father, because of a major five-part outdoor and indoor home-improvement project they undertook about seven years ago (that made their backyard, contiguous with ours, look like Ground Zero), at a time when my beloved Dad was elderly and in delicate health. When asked to cooperate in responding to this reality, perhaps by postponing the work or even consulting their Rabbi for intervention and possible mediation, the young wife disparaged and mocked me and my request, I kid you not, and they moved forward with the work.




3.5 months later, my Father died.

It was a period during which the daily onslaught of noise, toxic and likely deadly odors, vibration, shaking, earth-moving and other equipment as well as massive trucks filled with debris moving back and forth often, mere feet from my house, vulgar language routinely heard, and a constant general commotion, during which I had all I could do to protect my Father.


3.5 months later, a period during which the daily onslaught of noise, toxic and likely deadly odors, vibration, shaking, vulgar language routinely heard, and a constant general commotion, during which I had all I could do to protect my Father--he died.


To this day this couple appear oblivious to what they've done, or possess an incorrect understanding, though I've mentioned it to them at least once. Sooner or later these "neighbors," still next-door, are going to have to reckon with their crime.**

Indeed, Brothers and Sisters, Fellow Americans, nothing can compare in teaching love, virtue, patience, forgiveness, mercy, tolerance, charity, and brotherhood like being forced to live right next-door to the persons who literally helped kill your father or mother. Especially when it is plain and apparent that said persons are each day living full and robust lives, of great financial means, never acknowledging their crime, while completely ignoring you and your 90 year-old mother, whom they used to speak to. Indeed does my Mother bitterly feel, and, in pain, often complain about, the cruel, even sadistic, withdrawal of the young wife and her kids, completely from my Mother's life. She speaks of how, previously, she could revel in seeing and even engaging in a bit of interaction with our neighbor's babies, and a bit of conversation with the neighbor about them--but now cannot, as that neighbor and her equally obtuse husband have enacted a wall of contempt and categorical (complete and total) rejection between us that is as immutable (i.e. permanent and never-changing) as it is insurmountable (i.e. cannot be scaled).

Perhaps a recent U.S. President, mercifully having served only one term, was too focused on erecting walls to separate America and Americans from the rest of the world, while displaying zero interest and indeed no awareness, whatever, in helping tear down the many walls that separate we Americans from each other.

Several years after the mediation I had to speak to the neighbor about an issue important to my family, but upon inquiry I was told by the Court that there was, in fact, no way for me to legally approach the neighbor, given the agreement, nor would the Court, itself, intervene as proxy to deliver a message or pose a query. The de facto directive of the mediation agreement, then, was evidently life-long silence between persons living within mere feet of each other.

This is obviously as ridiculous as it is unworkable, since the reality of social existence in a neighborhood is that persons living next-door to each other may occasionally require a legitimate conversation. Nor does such a policy encourage improved neighbor relations, but instead maintains existing schisms and poor neighbor and community relations. Just what America doesn't need, and indeed in so many respects, simply can no longer afford.

There must be, and under a DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION will be, a means for approaching and speaking with a neighbor, even with a general no-contact mediation agreement enacted, and provision for such agreements either to automatically expire or come up for periodic review. Even inmates in prison receive no less.


*My own sister, Dad's daughter, and her boyfriend, and both of our next-door neighbors, devout Jewish, no less, and the building contractor, himself, a self-proclaimed "proud marine," "gentleman," and son, himself, of an aging father, who cooperated initially to help minimize injury to my Father but abruptly reversed himself, blindsiding me, all ultimately exhibited a gross disregard for my Father's life. Such behavior speaks a tome to the absence of connection and morality in this culture, likely many cultures, and supports my thesis that in a narcissistic society, death of a human being, though it may appear otherwise, is usually not the result of error by a single individual such as a shooter, malpracticing doctor, or negligent parent, but is actually due to the missteps, miscalculations, or other gaffes and mistakes of more than one person, often a group, each and all having made mistakes of one or more kinds in the circumstance, sometimes working in concert in a "comedy of errors" fashion, that led inexorably to the death.

In other words, a death is usually a puzzle, each piece corresponding to a mistake committed by someone, multiple pieces, that is, multiple mistakes committed by the same person, possible, and it's almost always this collection of "someones" responsible for the death.

**This account, in full, and related accounts, are explicated (i.e. presented step-by-step in detail) in "NEIGHBORS OF DEATH," Volume II of my 3-Volume AGAPE TRILOGY. Publication pending.

December 02, 2021



About four minutes ago I removed from my head the noise-blocking earmuffs that the daily din here in my small North Jersey town had forced me to put on, perhaps 20 minutes ago. The ruckus and inconvenience, in this particular instance, was because of a lone leafblower, it seemed. Probably a few blocks away, in fact, but of such volume, intensity, and timbre, as is typical of these death devices masquerading as lawn-care equipment, that it's sonic blitz is easily heard from within the home, as if it were in use right nearby.

In running to the bathroom to retrieve the earmuffs, I actually had to leave my Mother for about sixty seconds, a wholly inadvisable exercise as she is 90 years old, a bedridden invalid greatly suffering under a new wave of tortuous maladies including dizziness, such that would she not have fallen out off her commode where she sat when I bolted to the bathroom to get the 'muffs, which she could have, she could have suffered one of her frequent panic attacks in response to her dizziness.


Now this blower is right nearby--likely the local brother who has a few customers on this block.

No worries, fellow noise victims. Upon my election, I will immediately de-fang such individuals.

Sanity, meaning quiet in regard to this issue, will return, as will quality-of-life in America.


I sit here again wearing my noise-blocking earmuffs. I was correct. The blowers in use were operating at the very end of this cul-de-sac, yet were of such volume that they sounded like they were right-next-door.

In creating, and permitting, this din, many Americans are as careless with their hearing as they are with every other dimension and aspect of their health.

December 03, 2021, Friday - Account #1

Why did my Mother's Primary Care Provider, a youngish-looking North Jersey Chinese Geriatrician/Accupuncturist, we'll call him Dr. Oma, just write her a prescription for the antibiotic Bactrim DS, which, it turns out, in a little known drug-interaction, conflicts with the Lisinopril that she's already taking, and could result in sudden death?

It's a Trimethoprim/Lisinopril interaction that can cause sudden death. And why did he also tell me that he's never heard of the first anti-hypertensive that he prescribed her, Amlodipine, causing hallucinations, whereas I read that in persons over 90 it has been known to do so? And it did so, in her.

Likewise, why, several years ago, did a young doctor prescribe my mother a pain medication, DUEXIS tablets, that, it turned out, elevated blood pressure, when her BP was already very high? And why, when I telephoned this doctor to discuss this, did he fail to ever return my call?

The first gaffe illustrates the lack of competent functionality in our culture. The second likewise illustrates the lack of competent functionality in our culture, as well as the lack of Love in our culture, even among so-called medical professionals.

Bactrim DS Update

April 21, 2022

Suffering a recent hospitalization, my Mother's urine culture taken in the hospital indicated that she had no UTI, that's Urinary Tract Infection, after all. We thought she did as she apparently had the symptomology. Meaning that the Bactrim DS medication, which causes serious side effects in some patients, prescribed blind by Dr. Oma, that is, with no urine culture having been done, could have caused my Mother severe debilitation--for literally nothing.

The doctor should have ordered a urine culture be done so he'd know whether an actual UTI existed, and if so, which bacteria were the cause and thus which antibiotic, specifically, to prescribe--if any. As it stands, my Mother evidently (allowing for a mistake in the hospital lab results) has no UTI--but she still has UTI-style symptoms. Because of the hit-or-miss methods of this doctor, however, common among doctors, we're no closer to providing her relief.

The Rube Goldberg medicine of this and many other doctors is the basis for much of what passes for healthcare in America.

Actually, if the famed "Rube Goldberg machine" is one that uses humorously complicated and convoluted methods, techniques, processes, steps, or technologies to perform a simple task, I'd have to point out that this is precisely what all of modern society, capitalism, in particular, does, in erecting and attempting to maintain a colossal techno-economic superstructure to perform what is, in fact, a very simple task:  meet basic human needs.

I further note the existence of many individual machines, technologies, or processes within the larger Rube Goldberg techno-economic structure of capitalism. Modern healthcare, mentioned, above, is an excellent example, as is the so-called "leafblower," a catastrophically complicated, resource-intensive, and medically injurious device intended to perform the most elementary of tasks:  collecting leaves into a pile.

December 03, 2021, Friday - Account #2


I'm running for President because of mashed potatoes.

A local restaurant, we'll call it the Clairmont Grill House, forgot my mother's mashed potatoes tonight, part of our $61.xx order, the one item in the meal that, given her denture issues, we were sure she could eat. This omission occurred despite the young lady, we'll call her Aubrey, who assisted in taking and processing the order, telephonically, having agreed to check that our order was complete before delivery, which I explictly requested. I had explicitly pointed out that oftentimes restaurants forget to include everything in the order, and asked her to please ensure that our order was complete, which she indicated she would.

The reason for this dual gaffe is the same reason that most marriages end in divorce, the same reason that wars break out, the same reason that climate change has occured, the same reason that some people deny that climate change has occurred, the same reason that terrorism occurs, the same reason that oftentimes neither medical students nor even medical residents can perform a simple blood-pressure reading correctly (see below), and the same reason that restaurants like McDonald's exist. Let's all put human ego, collective and individual, on the shelf, shall we, take a deep, cleansing breath...and acknowledge that, at least at our present state of individual and group social evolution, we human beings really can't do much right.

Which is why humans who do somehow manage to do something right are often recognized, and even awarded. But even these individuals will generally do something right in a given field of endeavor, but still err miserably in the other aspects of their lives.

I believe that we can change this pattern, however--and be done with missing mashed potatoes, forever.

December 07, 2021, Tuesday - Account #1

We humans, even those of us who are highly-educated and presumed greatly-skilled, can't even properly perform procedures basic to our occupation or profession. To wit:

At a 2015 American Medical Association meeting, 159 medical students were given a blood pressure check challenge with a simulated patient. Only one - one! - performed all 11 elements they're trained to do. The average number of steps performed correctly was 4.1.

One of the biggest mistakes: Failing to have a patient rest for five minutes in a chair before the measurement. Only 11 of these doctors-in-training did that.

The study was published this summer in JAMA, a leading medical journal. An article(link opens in new window) about the study(link opens in new window) includes a sobering message from Raymond R. Townsend, M.D., a study co-author and director of the hypertension program at the Hospital of The University of Pennsylvania. Townsend was named the AHA's Physician of the Year in 2016.

"I used to have a standing challenge on rounds at Penn: 'If you can do a blood pressure correctly in my presence, I will buy you a dinner [at a] restaurant of your choice in Philadelphia,'" Townsend said. "After 10 years, not a single person - resident, fellow or student - ever could do it."

December 07, 2021, Tuesday - Account #2



Where the h*ll is my Mother's brownie?

We ordered from our local Panera restaurant, Clifton, N.J., her soup was delivered, but I also ordered a brownie for her dessert...IT'S NOT HERE.

I'm clawing, scratching, and grabbing through the delivery bag, poorly-sealed, I might add, and the brownie is missing! I presumed initially that it was in there somewhere, probably under the stack of napkins they gave us. But--no.

Just as three nights ago the mashed potatoes were missing from the DoorDash order coming from a Montclair, N.J. restaurant (see above account).


WHY MUST I BE RIGHT ALL THE TIME? Evidently my thesis concerning the ubiquitous Functional inadequacy of American society really is right on target, which I already knew.

(...don't tell me that the Dasher, an African-American young man, pilfered and ate the brownie. This just occurred to me.)

Either way--inattention, or theft--the damage was done, my editorial judgement about the substandard state of American competence again illustrated and proved, unfortunately, correct.

December 08, 2021, Wednesday - Account #1


A few minutes ago, at 437p, I had just put mom into bed, she's feeling very poorly, the room was very quiet, the house was quiet, the block and neighborhood, believe it or not, were quiet. Her room was darkening as was the sky outside.

She was tucked into bed, nestled nicely in her quilt; I was standing near her and she was doing quiet a bit of quiet talking before I left the room. Since it was twilight or possibly just a bit past, and since it gets dark quite early at this time of season, I didn't think it likely that The 'Tard would show up to leafblow, though with him you really never know. He routinely works in the dark, and about a season ago I may have even seen him start a job in the dark, or just-about-dark.

Having said this, in-all I didn't think he'd be here, meaning I didn't think that the dark and quiet that existed at that moment and for some time prior would be disturbed.

As I was leaving her room, however, perhaps just a few minutes earlier, I heard, faintly, a sound that was likely a blower. I know that sound. I monitored it for a few minutes and it didn't seem to occur further, and when I arrived downstairs a few minutes later it was just about completely dark, so at that point it was a near-certainty that there would be no leafblowing tonight.

But for those few moments, perhaps at most ten minutes time, I was worried. The hackles on the back of my neck went-up. There is simply no regulation of these devices.

I'm not going to regale, or depress, variously, you with my numerous horror stories about leafblowers, in this Blog; I think you get my point about these devices. But suffice it to say that the blower is a very aggressive instrument in every way, starting but absolutely not ending with the ungodly din that it generates, wholly incompatible with fragile humans such as my frail, elderly, ill, 90yo mother, and many other persons and animals, and with the many acts and activities that constitute the simple living of life, essentially all of which requires quiet. When one also considers its deleterious effect on the environment, its contribution to climate change, in particular, that it simply has to go is a fait accompli.

And that it exists, is in widespread use in America, and its operators are required to undergo zero training in health, safety, or courteous use, is yet another of innumerable gaffes and mistakes that we humans continue to make, with no end in sight. In other words--yet another heaping helping of human dysfunction.

December 08, 2021, Wednesday - Account #2


The last two Dashers delivering food to this house called me during the delivery from around the corner, which is a park, and told me that their GPS units had brought them there and told them that they'd arrived at their destinations.

Next to the leafblower, the GPS is probably one of the most superfluous and counterproductive devices to compromise the human technological landscape. Talk about the compromise of the human brain.

December 10, 2021, Friday

About 7:00a

Two days ago I spoke with "Joyce" of Verizon, changing our residential communications plan that covers our telephone and Internet service. In discussing several plan options, I specifically sought, and selected, the plan that did not involve a change in our router or other equipment. Joyce told me that no new equipment was required for the plan that I selected.

Yet about 24 hours later a box was shipped to us containing what appears to be a new router, or some other kind of related device.

Additionally, in a second example of the second plank in my Presidential platform, human, and in this case American, incompetence:  why is the shipping box completely undone on the bottom, as if it were never sealed or constructed properly in the first place?

The tally increases by two.

December 21, 2021


About 11:10a

I'm going to dump the contents of my audio recorder again to my Toshiba external hard drive. See snap. I highlight the appropriate folder, "TALK"--yet its contents are not appearing, though the correct folder is highlighted. The previous iteration of the Windows operating system would display the contents of a folder (i.e. a directory) simply by resting the pointer on the folder--a much better system. When Microsoft transitioned from Windows XP to Windows 7, however, it removed a number of highly utilitarian features, one just described.

This tendency to remove features or otherwise emasculate a product gives the lie to the claim that under capitalism, especially the American version, products and services continually evolve and develop, and, hence improve. I recall clearly that when Steve Jobs came back to Apple, he actually made my (legal) copy of QuickTime less capable.

This is not an Actualizing tendency in corporate product management--let's change it.

December 22, 2021, Wednesday


In reading an article on stroke at the website for the Parkwood Heights Retirement Community, I came across a particularly troubling typo:


As you can see, because of this particularly unfortunate typo, the elderly or inattentive reader might easily confuse the recommended dosage--and 500mg is a far from 1500mg. Were such a mistake made it would not imply injury to the patient for taking too much, but would, in fact, deprive them of taking the full amount possible to take, which is 1,500mg, which itself, however, could be injurious to them if they needed any dose above 500mg. The typo, in other words, gives the impression that 500mg is the maximum dose that can be taken.

Fellow Americans, do you think this is inconsequential? What if the numbers were reversed, so that the patient thought they could take 1,500mg of sodium--when in fact they could only safely take 500?

Or, what if the incorrect counterpose or reversal of the numbers occurred not in regard to a nutritional supplement, as important, actually, as that can be--but a specification for a military system, subsystem, or procedure of some kind? Perhaps involving nuclear weapons?

Might the error matter, then?

December 21, 2021


The onscreen SKIP INTRO control, a button, in the Amazon.com air of Star Trek:  Voyager doesn't appear to work.

Unless it's a memory-related issue, that is, my laptop might not have enough available memory to support this function.

December 23, 2021 - ACCOUNT #1

around 1:15p

Called the CLAIRMONT GRILL HOUSE to order another omelet for my mother, who remains in fairly desperate need of solid nutrition that's readily edible by a toothless-senior. Omelet's fill that bill well.

But first wanted to speak briefly with the owner, Chris, about the mistakes his staff made on December 03 on our previous order. I asked for him and he spoke with me for just a moment, as he was busy. In fact, after apprising me that he had people waiting, he did tell me to call later, and then hung up--without waiting for my acknowledgment of his suggestion nor my customary "Goodbye." His failure to receive the former suggests a poor sense of business and lack of courtesy. His failure to receive the latter suggests the same--and meets the basic criterion to be considered a "hang up,"

More Pending.

December 24, 2021, Friday - ACCOUNT #1


Just finding out that some of the side-effects of the hypertension drug Lisinopril, that my Mother takes, can be fatal, I'm noting that her doctor, a Gerontologist, no less, never mentioned any of this.

Regarding the angioedema that the drug can cause, he should have mentioned it, and advised us to monitor her carefully for the entire time that she was taking the drug.

This is the same doctor, BTW, who indicated "No" when I asked him if he was aware that the first anti-hypertensive that he prescribed her, which I recall as Amlodipine, could cause hallucinations. Why was I aware of it, after doing just a bit of digging on the Internet--but he was not?

I'm also aware that Lisinopril, itself, can cause hallucinations, as my Mother, immediately upon raising her dosage to 10mg from 5mg, just two nights ago, in fact, began seeing spectres:  first, a woman, now, a boy. Though apprising us during a telephonic Tele-Medicine visit several months ago that we could increase her dosage to 10mg by simply giving her two 5mg tablets, instead of just one, during each dosing, did her doctor mention the possibility of side effects at this dosage to her--no.

Time for a new PCP, you say? Yes, obviously. But do you imagine that he's the only doctor, or even one of what is only a handful of doctors who don't review side effects with patients or their families?


December 24, 2021, Friday - ACCOUNT #2

Well I guess we can kiss the Dannon company, goodbye.

As a younger person and throughout my life I, undoubtedly like many others, had known Dannon yogurt as the go-to yogurt--it was fresh, delicious, had a very large dollop of fruit on the bottom to mix with the yogurt portion, had the friendly gut-bacteria that all yogurt contains, was attractively packaged, and fairly inexpensive to buy.

Dannon yogurt--everybody knew and liked the product. You couldn't go wrong.

Well times have changed, I'm afraid, and you can go wrong, now, with this sunken brand, which now contains bio-engineered ingredients in the revised language of the FDA. That is, GMOs.

December 28, 2021, Tuesday


Trying to pull several trash liners from the box of Stop-in-Shop trash liners that I bought the other day. One came out easily. I couldn't seem to get the second one from the box. Upon inspection I see that the second and third bags are not fully separated; whatever machine they use to separate them evidently didn't work properly.



My local Wawa screwed up my order--again. No lettuce on my Italian sub!

Dec 30, 2021, Thursday


I just opened an Amy's Broccoli and Cheddar Bake frozen dinner; as I was pulling open one side of the box, the interior pouch enclosing the meal tore. See photo.

Could this have been my fault, as I did not use the integrated tear-strip?

I don't think so. For that would seem to indicate that the bag was somehow attached, perhaps affixed with an errant spot of carton glue, to the interior panel that I had pulled open instead of using its tear-strip.

Moreover, Amy's, and every other food manufacturer that feigns the convenience of a tear-strip, should know that most of them fail msby miserably, and the actual opening of a food carton is a wildly anarchic affair.

I'm now absolutely forced to declare FOOD PACKAGING a new category of particular manufacturer incompetence (PMI), in addition to FOOD PREP AND SALE.

January 01, 2022 - Account #1



Just called the Stop-and-Shop supermarket at the Clifton Commons shopping center in Clifton, N.J., to get their store hours, as today is New Year's Day.

Why didn't the female, sounded like a young woman, wish me a Happy New Year?

Wishing me, as she did, "...a nice night," I believe were her words, is fine, usually, but shouldn't management have instructed all employees to wish customers Happy New Year?

January 01, 2022 - Account #2

I just called my local Shop-Rite supermarket proffering the same hours query, and was met with this informational statement":  "...We're open 'til eight."

I was unhappy that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet. Indeed, chagrin at the omission of a New Year greeting by the first employee quickly faded as the second employee proffered no greeting or well-wish, at all.

A New Year well-wish should have been proffered as a point of 1.) business professionalism, and 2.) appropriate courtesy, this second reason containing the point of personal connection we want.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Are these small and pedantic (showy rules) points? None of the points that comprise these critiques are small or pedantic, for they all speak to whether the way that America manages and operates itself is the very best that it can be. That is, to whether the nation is Actualized, or not.

To find this out, we simply must look at the details; there's no other competent way. Under my Administration:  whether the nation, or you personally, we are going to work tirelessly to elevate America, everyone and everything, to a place where things are done right, with benefits in every dimension and phase of the operation and identity of this nation that will be simply stunning, and obtainable no other way.

January 03, 2022, Monday - Account #1

In the United States, and likely elsewhere, beverage cans sold in packages of six are bundled together with a six-pack ring or yoke, that is, a "a set of connected plastic rings that are used in multi-packs of beverage, particularly six-packs of beverage cans."

In trying to simply move the six-pack in my refrigerator one of the cans fell onto the floor. Why didn't its respective ring hold it more firmly?

January 04, 2022


Aspiring journalists, editors, and proofreaders:  Consider the following paragraph from the May 11, 2020 article in PureWow magazine entitled Does Chocolate Go Bad? The Answer Surprised Us.

"If you have a ton of chocolate on your hands that you're worried about wasting, keep it in the freezer in an airtight container or freezer bag. Just refrigerate it for 24 hours first to keep the crystallization process from happening too quickly in the freezer. Crystallized fat and sugar = bloom. Once it's frozen, it can last up to eight months depending on the type of chocolate and if the bar or bag is unopened. To thaw, move it to the freezer for 24 hours, then let it come down to room temperature on the counter."

Can you identify the incorrect noun in this paragraph?

Where was the proofreading? Editor asleep on the job? A marijuana smoker, perhaps?

As I'm wont (i.e. inclined) to underscore in the face of any kind of editing error, the reader should imagine not that the typo occurred in an inconsequential article about chocolate--but in content pertinent to military, medical, financial or other mission critical systems.

Sloppy writing and editing are sloppy writing and editing, and once such intellectual laziness is accommodated in a culture, you can kiss professional journalism and the truths that it represents, Goodbye, not to mention the distortion in its influence, for good or bad, on the concrete human realities and circumstances that it can and often does influence.

Not on my watch.



The incorrect noun in the selection above is freezer, in the last sentence. The writer meant refrigerator.

I saw the error immediately.

January 05, 2022, Wednesday


One of the smaller headlines today in the New York Times is:

"When They Warn of Rare Disorders, These Prenatal Tests Are Usually Wrong"

The vexing reality is that our nation (and our species) makes so many mistakes, constantly, and is thus so far from Actualization,* that even someone like me, a writer and philosopher devoted to eradicating this "phenomenon of mediocrity," simply can't keep up with them all.

So please read the article--then you can give me its particulars.

. . . . . . . .

*ACTUALIZATION:  term used in my work to denote becoming the best that we're capable of being.

January 07, 2022, Friday


If we're talking dysfunction and incompetence in health and medicine, where unfortunately so much consequent unnecessary suffering, pain, and death occurs, here is a true representative example:  an elderly patient is identified by her son as having a UTI. The nursing staff ignores or dismisses his assertion, leading to the unnecessary death of the patient.

Please read the full account.

January 11, 2022, Tuesday

Order placed on the telephone around 930p, taken by a young lady

Order placed with local pizzeria, let's call them Clinton Pizza Village. Requested two or three containers of Italian dressing, unless, I stipulated, the containers are large. Many times they're very small, I remarked.

The dressing included with the order was a single, very small container. This is the odd Achilles heel of local pizzerias--the dressing they include with a salad order, at least a take-out order, is almost always a miniscule amount in a tiny plastic container. This container was among the worst in diminutive size. How the owners imagine a diner can cover the entire salad with such a negligible amount of dressing, even diners who prefer a spartan amount, is simply baffling--and in my view reflects incompetence, or at lst a baffling kind of judgment in this regard.

In this case, I had to use my own oil and vinegar.

January 12?, 2022, Wednesday

Yet another error by Clinton Pizza Village during the delivery for tonight. For some time in ordering I specified that the delivery person should deliver to the back door. However, I haven't made this request in about a month, likely more. In fact, I vaguely recall that for the first few orders to be sent to the front door, I explicitly mentioned it to the order-taker, knowing that the pizzeria was used to us requesting back-door delivery. And in fact, for some time now the delivery personnel did deliver to the front door, as requested. But this time, tonight, they did not. The delivery person, a young man, told me that the delivery instruction was, "back door."

January 18, 2022, Tuesday


If you're unfamiliar with the story of former New York City police officer Frank Serpico, I urge you to acquaint yourself. A simple viewing of the 1973 film (starring Al Pacino) should do the trick, and you can acquaint yourself further after that if desired. The book by Peter Maas, the basis for the film Serpico, would be an excellent second step.

Frank Serpico, a sincere, dedicated, and scrupulously honest police officer found himself, upon his introduction into the ranks of the New York City Police Department, in a veritable den of thieves, the problem being that these thieves were all of his corrupt fellow officers. This posed a problem of epic proportion for the honest officer, who rode the wave as best he could, but the situation was simply impossible and something had to give--unfortunately, what gave was Serpico's status as a police officer, and almost his very life, as several fellow officers seemed to set him up during a drug bust, and he was shot by a suspect, almost fatally.

The pathological circumstance that Officer Serpico found himself in is an excellent example of the kind of gross dysfunction that simply happens all the time amongst we, the human race.

On a personal note, I consider Frank Vincent Serpico a hero, and I have him featured at my BEST OF WORLD CULTURE website.

January 21, 2022, Friday


OK this is the second time during this WBAI broadcast, tonight, that the station, in the form of a female program host, obviously a huge Dr. King enthusiast, as am I, who I'm unfamiliar with, however, has done this:  has put me in a beatific psycho-politico-state by replaying addresses and sermons of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.--and then ending them as they drew to their grandiose endings.

First, Dr. King was giving an address in London--cut off. Then, just now, preaching his 1968 sermon at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta on the "drum major instinct,"--cut off.

The remarks were evidently part of a documentary The Revolutionary King.

The host might have considered, if possible, that some persons, likely many persons, have not heard these addresses, or at least not in their entirety, and would be intensely drawn into Dr. King's remarks, emotionally and intellectually, which is to say, physically, and would find a premature termination of his remarks jolting, baffling, and perhaps depressing.

January 25, 2022, Tuesday - Account

About 6:40p

Entering my kitchen, my laptop still connected to the Global Brain*, my having failed to shut it down since I fell asleep upstairs, perpetually exhausted, and at this moment I find the program Extinction Rebellion program on WBAI airing. The female host pronouncing the infamous Russian energy company GAS-prom "GAH-prom." Could it be correct from the standpoint of Russian pronunciation? We have to allow for this possibility, but it's not the usual pronunciation in American, and I believe other Western, media.

Moreover, her female guest, a professor--which professor, you say?--this is the problem. After her remarks concluded, the host did not re-present the guest, as comprises a perfunctory, but important, professionalism. I, myself, found her last thought on a possible solution to a particular America-China conflict potentially important, and wanted to know who she was so I could look up her work.

Well, no such luck. The female host prevented that--don't even know who she was, as she failed to re-introduce herself after the last guest, as well.

These omissions comprise not just a mere inconvenience to interested listeners, but a reasonable example of our failure to implement my notion of the Standardization of Information, perhaps a particular expression, this being the improper presentation of information, for we can't standardize what we don't know.


*In my work, I define the "Global Brain" as the Internet, the hardware of the modern Human Information Infrastructure (HII or HI2). The software? Us. Our brains, collectively tied together and used in unison, populating and powering the hardware, and indeed defining and deciding our human existence, which is the sum of the activity of all human brains since the dawn of humanity.

So you see, for example, when our American intelligence agencies failed to share and pool their information, leading, in part, to the calamity called 9-11, this comprised a gap in the software section of the Human Information Infrastructure.

Above terms and concepts © 2021 Vincent Frank De Benedetto. Use with attribution only.

February 03, 2022, Thursday

Among the most egregious, injurious, and simply catastrophic forms of human error and often incompetence concerns wrongful conviction.

More key information here.

And here is a particularly disconcerting case, for after recent release from prison after serving 43 years for a crime he didn't commit, Mr. Finch passed away.

February 08, 2022, Tuesday - early morning hours

Our sleek, black, gorgeous KitchenAide convection oven has evidently just bit the dust. The unit is probably about a year old.

Yet more junk dumped on us as quality merchandise.

Several months ago I become convinced enough that the convection feature wasn't working correctly that I began doing all our cooking without it, using only the standard BAKE setting. Just now, however, the unit exhibited an unmistakable sign of death:  I turned it off in the proper way, depressing the CANCEL button and, as I recall, while the unit appeared to shut down, its heating elements continued glowing a bright, steady orange. They did not extinguish nor begin to fade in intensity.

During my Father's illness we used KitchenAide Puree' Machines to good effect. They never seemed to malfunction. That was then, however, and this is now. Those were different products, purchased about eight years ago.

This convection oven was purchased at a nearby Target store, and cost us about $179, as I recall. Two Target employees were helpful in transporting the big box to my car, a young female Manager, and a Target Team Member named Roman; kudos to them for their assistance.

Brothers and Sisters, do you realize that every time you buy a product or service that is of poor or mediocre quality, or was simply not what was advertised on television or in other media, or what was promised on the box, the work that you had to perform, and the time that you had to expend to acquire the money for that purchase was wasted? Squandered?

How full is your closet, basement, garage, attic, or "junk draw" with products you purchased in good faith, with hard-earned dollars, that proved to be of questionable quality or performance?

Under the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION's Actualization paradigm as applied to our economy, every product, no matter it's price, will be of a basic minimum quality in design and manufacture. As America is a competitive economy--our lives depend on it.

Feb 10, 2022



Phone rang, I answered, which I often don't do. Female voice said something like, "Hey, Grandma!" I hesitated; then, being aware of this scam, retorted, "Why don't you get out out of criminality?!"

I was prepared to continue the conversation, but the individual hung up.

The voice sounded fully American, more African-American than Caucasian but this impression is not definitive in ethnic identification.

So we have some misguided sister of whatever ethnicity 1.) wasting her talents, and 2.) introducing nonLove into the world, scamming old people. No, this sister's life is certainly not Actualized*.

*The best that it's capable of being.

Feb 15, 2022 - Account #1



Confirmed. Our KitchenAide oven is no more. It again malfunctioned. Warming up soup. Cycle ended. Sitting at the laptop hadn't retrieved the oven contents yet. A slowly gathering burning smell.

I finally check the oven and the two, at least the two upper heating elements are both burning brightly, though the oven has obviously shut off per the end of the 18 or so minutes at which I set it.

Then I'm thinking, OK don't even replace it, just hurry and get our large Frigidaire stove fully operational again. But I recall that even this full-sized, conventional kitchen range had a defective circuit board shortly after purchase. And the very first unit delivered had an imperfection in the finish, that required, we felt, our sending it back for another.

So, no matter the size or conventional standing of a product that you buy in the United States, and other countries may share this problem, you cannot be assured of its good design, manufacture, and delivery. This is why, to the vexation of my Mother and sister, I insist that we replace our failed water heater in the cellar with an electric unit--not another gas unit. I want, in fact, to replace every single gas appliance in this house with its electric equivalent; this way, in the event of an equipment failure, likely caused because the young man or woman designing the appliance had their nose in their smartphone instead of really Einsteining (i.e. intent professional focus on a task) their work, I'll have only to worry about my house burning down--not blowing up and burning down.

I'm not trying to be funny. This is the reality of products and services designed and sold in a devolving society.

Now I have a hassle returning this oven to Target, if that's what's required, or, whatever is required--I just don't have time to do it.

But forget about me. Do you think a consumer in Germany, or Italy, or Japan, is going to take a chance and order an American-made product if, in case of a problem, they have to ship it to the United States for repair or replacement? Poor quality kills our competitiveness. The reason it's not more evident is likely that all U.S. manufacturers in a specific industry make equally-poor products, so the phenomenon is not fully noticed.

As horrible as this is, this equilibrium-of-poor-quality among American manufacturers, the fact is we have international competitors--and they may not be so blase' about selling junk.


Feb 15, 2022 - Account #2



As I was writing then spell-checking the very last account, the confirmation of the end of our KitchenAide oven, my HTML writing tool, NoteTab Pro, again malfunctioned. What is wrong with this picture:

notetab pro spellcheck malfunction

I'm afraid that as a writer I must insist that "n" is not a word, as in string "...had a n imperfection..." (right side, third line, highlighted paragraph), yet it wasn't flagged. This might not be the best example of the malfunctioning spellcheck in NoteTab Pro--an otherwise fine tool, BTW--but it's done this before with full words.

This is yet another reminder that little really works in America. Few are fully competent. This is the United States of today. This is largely why we are not the America of 50 years ago or more:   our products and services are not seen on the world market as the best, and no country nor person fears us, anymore. Our former President hadn't a clue about any of this, the problem, and its solutions, in their fullness. I do, this is why I'm running for President, and it's all going to get fixed, insofar as the Congress and you, the American people, let me fix it.

I'm not the first to proffer such observations, by the way. Secure, if you can, as it's out-of-print (figures) a copy of THE UNITED STATES OF INCOMPETENCE by journalist Art Carey. I urged Mr. Carey to write a follow-up work, but he declined--so I've taken up the mantle.

Are you a patriot? Then assist me!

Get me elected so I can get started. For many reasons, neither you, I, nor the country have any time to waste.

Feb 16, 2022 - Account #1





I want to introduce America's new BAKED RIGHT IN program, to be presented for legislative passage upon my election.

A few minutes ago I despoiled my body by eating two Entenmann's Apple Pie Minis, small, square pies with apple filling inside and a sugar-glaze, outside. The pies, moreover, were near-stale, though the box imprint asserted BEST BY MARCH 19.

I assert that such consumption despoiled my body because of what this snack item is made of, because of what's baked in:

Ing1 Ing2 Ing3 Ing4 Ing5 Etc

Find me even one explicitly or putatively healthy item in this list.

For all that's baked in to these dessert treats, you know what's what's not baked in?

Good sense. The understading that one can enjoy a treat occasionally-but no more than occasionally, as they are unhelthy for the body. Sugar, itself, is poison.

I want, therefore, under my Administration, a shift in the baking industry, comprised of four things:

1.) Completion of the work we started under the FDA 15? years ago, to remove all trans-fat from our prdoucts. This work remains undone while mono-and-diglycerides are employed in its stead, themselves containing an unspecified amount of trans-fat. If a food item contains this ingredient, it has trans fat, I don't care what is imprinted on the nutrition panel.

2.) Minimal sugar.

3.) Every other health improvement that can be made to the product in question.

4.) A new stamp or imprimature officially issued and stamped on every dessert and snack item, though not necessarily by the United States government.

I want every dessert and snakc item, to bear a new food safety imprimature:








Products and services other than food or beverage will declare:


Under my watch, every product that comes from the USA will be understood to work, and be safe to use or consume.

The appearance of the USA GOOD SENSE label on a product or associated with a service will signify both high-quality and safety. It will be an immediate indicator to consumers and cosuming groups such as other governments or nonprofits of strong American design and ethics. In other words, I'm talking about restoring the American brand to full competitive vigor.

Other possible USA indicators are:



Or how about:


You see where I'm going with all this.

Feb 16, 2022 - Account #2

Two days or so ago I called Geico because I wasn't sure if my Geico Auto Insurance Claims Adjustor had attempted to contact me over the last month or more regarding our claim for vandalism to my Mother's vehicle. All four of her tires were slashed some months ago, evidently by some imbecile with a grudge against me who thought they were slashing my tires. No, imbecile, you slashed the tires of a 90yo woman, who you've probably neither seen nor ever even spoken to, who wouldn't know you from a hole in the ground.

as promised during my earlier follow-up telephone call of the day before. In calling Geico Auto Insurance yesterday to follow up on the damage claim for my Mother's car, as

I was told by the phone rep that the Claims Adjustor or whomever is in charge of my claim at that pointhod NOT, in fact, attempted to contact me during the last 24 hours,

Then i get an email from Geico just today asserting that, in fact, my claim had not been finalized.

MARCH 02, 2022

Let's call him Dr. Oma, MD.

Under his orders, my Mother was taking the common anti-hypertensive Lisinopril. I queried Dr. Oma:  have you heard of this trimethoprim/lisinopril interaction that can cause sudden death? HE SAID NO. THIS IS WHY I HATE OMA AS A DOCTOR. He also told me that he's never heard of that anti-hypertensive he first gave my Mother causing hallucinations, whereas I read that in persons over 90 it has been known to do so.

This guy is just not informed.

. . . . . . . .

M.B., RITE-AID--neither is this guy. He also told me uncritically just to give mom the bactrim. He's indicated in his answers to other Q's, in the past, that he's not that knowledgeable, or necessarily bright.

MARCH 02, 2022



Everything is wrong.

The human race is doomed:  there's no trust--nor should there be, as neither individuals nor certainly corporations deserve it--and everything is wrong. Including that Slavic maniac raining bombs down upon innocent men, women, and children in Ukraine.

The tale of the Wawa food order of this morning, pending. See recording. Add: OK so I don't know what to feed my Mother, who has just had a stroke, thereby generating my reluctance to give her any Wawa food, which I'd say is not garbage, but is almost garbage. So I dig out our box of oatmeal, and--oh, cr*p--it's Quaker Oats, a mainstream brand that I know is probably filled with crap, a GMO-based at the least.

Well Lo-and-Behold, what's listed right on the nutrition


Can't wipe down our groceries, thereby increasing the chance that a key family member, Mom, could die from C19. Because the two individuals responsible to shop and buy the wipes constantly shirk that and indeed every other responsibility, justifying their behavior on their own fear of C19.


OK, here's yet ANOTHER gross stupidity that constantly affronts me, that I guess we all just live with:   attempting to separate the two sides of a plastic trash liner with my fingers, and failing, makes me think it must be easier to break into Fort Knox than get this goddamned bag open.


Because we have no wipes, as mentioned above, I was forced to clean our new Wawa milk bottle and the red pepper jar of red peppers that fell on the floor--in ice cold water in the basement sink, with my bare hands.

Gee--thanks, Alonzo!

...I mean Johanna!


Had to go into the cellar again, this time to wash the metal spoon that I need to prepare my Mother's oatmeal, and that she's going to need to consume it. More ice-cold or near ice-cold water on my bare hands, again, oh, joy. Huh. My capacity for pain is quite astonishing.


8 Harmful Seed Oils

These are the most widely used unhealthy fats, says Dr. Cate:

Canola oil

Corn oil

Cottonseed oil

Grapeseed oil

Rice bran oil

Safflower oil

Soy oil

Sunflower oil

Although they're usually refined, even unrefined and cold-pressed versions of these oils pose the same health risks, because the oils are naturally rich in polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs). The molecular structure of PUFAs makes them very unstable in the human body, where they generate a tremendous amount of free radicals--chaotic reactions that damage cells.

Free radicals are a normal byproduct of metabolism that our bodies are equipped to handle, but only up to a point. Seed oils produce an onslaught that far exceeds our innate capacity. "Free radicals are bad for us in the same way that radiation is bad for us," says Dr. Cate. When you eat a lot of PUFA-rich seed oils, she adds, "it's like you have dirty bombs inside your cells."

PUFAs are inflammatory and damage the lining of blood vessels, affecting overall circulation and blood flow to the brain, and increasing the risk for heart disease and diabetes.

According to a review published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, the health hazards of eating too many of these oils include a suppressed immune system; lower "good" HDL cholesterol; a more dangerous, oxidized form of "bad" LDL cholesterol; and increased risk for prostate, pancreatic, colon, and breast cancers.


Many Amy's products contain safflower and/or sunflower oil.


Mikeh 09, 2022

Wed 1046a

Microsoft Word Auto-Replace is again failing to work. Maybe I simply discontinue its use.

Account #2

I called the Wawa convenience store in Garfield (N.J.) to see if they actually have the items in stock that appear available at the DoorDash site that I'm ordering. A kid named Tyrell* (pseudonym) assisted me; sounded like a young African-American kid. I couldn't hear him very well; additionally, at the close of the call he did not say "Goodbye." He sounded basically like a young kid.

Our young people, and everyone else, must learn good old-fashioned and proper etiquette, both on the telephone, and off. I encounter this "no-Goodbye" behavior all the time.

Fellow Americans, the telephone call has not ended until both parties say Goodbye! Nor is this concern merely pedantic (i.e. too concerned with).



I ordered half-gal 2% milk from my local Wawa convenience store using the DoorDash delivery system. I received, instead, a quart. called wawa, found out that it was an honest mistake be the person who assembled the order, miss kim, who apologized. i spoke to eddie the manager. this kid sounds earnest and nice. was fairly apologetic and eager-to-pelase even before i told him that i was mounting an exploratory campaign for president.

Mikeh 15, 2022

Inferior Customer Service

Called march 15, 2022, R was supposedly in a heated conversation with Robert and couldn't/wouldn't talk to me. I called back and asked Linda if he knew it was me, and she indicated that he definitely did; something about which Vince is it, is it "that" Vince? The information I got was confusing; it almost seemed like I was being disparaged by G. something about he made a face when he heard it was me, or something?

Wanted to find out the ingredients in the dish my mother always orders, angel-hair with marinara sauce.

Do you use any veg oils, like in the tom sauce? How about in the pasta water? Do you salt the pasta water?

And all this is true no matter which of your cooks are making the pasta?

MARCH 16, 2022



The online article that I'm reading on milk as a hydrating liquid makes frequent reference to the "Beverage Hydration" Index.

The problem? No link to that index!

Mikeh 18, 2022

See Amadou Diallo incident in New York. Shot 41 times on suspicion of firearms possession; thought to have a gun.

Had no gun.

Mikeh 19, 2022 - Account #1



Heard this on the radio last night:  United States Osprey helicopter crash.

Yet another crash of a US military aircraft; this time in Norway during a NATO training exercise.


Mikeh 20, 2022

yday was supposed to rain most or much of the day. it rained a b it in the morning and that was it.

yet another meteorological mistake by American weather forecasters.

Mikeh 22, 2022

DEATH to every web designer who does NOT code their popup boxes to disappear with a simple press of the ESCAPE key. Like the idiot who is imbecile mre of hr psty aprd tdy ie no meat no single brain


Mikeh 23, 2022 - ACCOUNT #1

i keep trying, and failing, to watch htis film, blade runner. actvid.com just wont let me watch it for even two seconds without ads, sex ads no less, continually popping up.


just served my motehr capellini with Victoria's low-sodium marinara sauce, and two knds of cheese.

She's complaining and attacking me.


Every time that I click SKIP INTRO, at least during Star Trek:  Voyager, the playback does not comply. At best it partially advances playback, but never completely. It's occurred to me that perhaps this function is memory-dependent and my computer lacks sufficient memory. If true, then a warning dialogue box should appear informing me of the mismatch. Alternatively, the SKIP INTRO button could have a ToolTip attached such that when the user first moves their pointer to it an Alert tip appears apprising them that the function is memory dependent:


Mikeh 26, 2022

This blog and book would be a fraud if i did not mention my own sibling, a sister, who sheer mystifying incompetence and categorical inability to act on her concern for her family, if she has any concern, boggles the mind and dispirits the heart.

she was spsd to be here today, during daylight, for an xtmy important reason. she neither showed up nor contacted me. finall she did, less than one hour ago, txtd me with a cryptic message.

Mikeh 27, 2022, Sunday

Substantial rain was forecast for yesterday.

There was, as I far as I could see, zero precipitation all day, evening, and night.

Mikeh 29, 2022

Article at Yardblogger.com on how to retain preserve your parking space in front of your home.

The author failed to mention an obvious and effective strategy:   arrange for a famil ymember or friend to take the sapce immy upon your leaving it, then releasing it backu to you when you need to park there.

What an omission.


APRIL 20, 2022 - ACCOUNT #1 - "LIKE"


I just switched off NPR on my radio, that's National Public Radio. I'm not sure what the program was, and I'm loathe to turn it back on. I simply don't know that I can handle hearing yet another commentator or even program host proffer the ubiquitous and immaturity-revealing "like,"as the young lady commenting did. In fact, in her case her speech was not peppered with this term--all the more discomfiting that she slipped it in. For this indicates that this term is so ubiquitous that it infiltrates the speech of even persons who speak relatively well.

The strong and frequent presence on the radio of persons using this chameleon-like part of speech that can evidently function as just about any is, in my view, a unique indicator of the extent to which American culture is now ruled, or greatly influenced, by the young. The problem is, as the old, and in some measure the older, will tell you:  you simply can't have a society ruled by the young. They lack the experience, knowledge, and maturity, and in fact brain research indicates that the human brain is not even fully developed before, at a minimum, age 25-30; some estimates are later, up to about 40 years of age.

And now, we'll have not merely rule by the young with the aforementioned limitations--but rule by the stoned young, as America stupidly stumbles toward complete legalization and decriminalization of dope. Retail sales of "recreational" dope start tomorrow, here in New Jersey.

Is this phenomenon, THE DECLINE OF MIND, going to make America Great Again, or even Great in the first place?

April 23, 2022 - Account #1



Just attempting to screw the cap back on my bottle of Cherry Coke. It was difficult--the cap wouldn't go on. I'm not smoking dope or somehow muscle-impaired. Yes, this sounds preposterous, but it's true, and what is preposterous is that the Coca-Cola Corporation can't design and manufacture a bottle cap and corresponding bottle that screws on smoothly.

This is, in fact, a problem with some bottles; I've noticed it for some time now with the bottles of Fiji spring water--the cap is difficult to screw on, and in fact often goes on crooked. I'm sure in the plastic bottle industry there's a name for this kind of problem, or for a particular problematic cap-and-bottle design.

I simply call it incompetence.

April 26, 2022 - Account #1




So emoted the wrecked-sounding voice upon my answering the telephone and saying, "Hello"?

Knowing this deplorable and downright diabolical scam, I instinctively spewed "F*CK YOU" and hung up.

Pardon my language.

April 29, 2022 - Account #1



POOR WRITING - Last Sentence is Confusing

"The extract of red yeast rice (RYR) is the most effective cholesterol-lowering nutraceutical on the market. In particular, its effectiveness is directly related to the amount of monacolin K within the extract (up to 10 mg/day). Consuming monacolin K on a daily basis reduces low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol plasma levels between 15% and 25% within 6 to 8 weeks. Certainly, the decrease in LDL-cholesterol is accompanied by a similar reduction in total cholesterol, non-high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, plasma apolipoprotein B, matrix metalloproteinases 2 and 9, and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein. Furthermore, the RYR lipid-lowering effect is associated with significant improvements in pulse wave velocity and endothelial function, which are validated and reliable biomarker tools able to detect vascular aging. Although it has a mechanism of action similar to statins, a daily consumption of between 3 and 10 mg monacolin K has only minimal associated risks, and mild myalgias are seen only in the frailest patients (those who also cannot tolerate minimal dosages of statin). The monacolin K found in RYR is a safe and effective supplement for managing mild to moderate hypercholesterolemia in people with no additional cardiovascular risk factors."

The last sentence, above, is confusing. Does it mean...or does it mean...?


April 30, 2022, Saturday

About 6a

Yet another piece of American-made junk has revealed itself.

The small Honeywell space heater that we were using in my Parents' bedroom, a very physically attractive unit, has failed. As of last night it's vibrating upon use, or making a vibration noise. Cleaning the filter didn't solve the problem.

April 30, 2022, Saturday - Second Account


Veteran newscaster on NPR discussing the book TRUST with its male author. In doing so the interviewer seeks to make a point requiring his mention of the male billionaires who all own major media properties. He mentions Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and...no one else.

This was a major slip of the mind, as fellow billionaire Elon Musc has been in the news over the very last news cycle, let's say the last 24-36 hours, because he was thinking about, and then did, buy Twitter for $44B.

It certainly would have been natural, indeed a rather colossal omission not to, have mentioned Elon Musc as the third personality as the interviewer delineated his list of major-media-owning billionaires, to make his point.

This was a senior-moment of glaring error--writ large in the public ear.

For those interested in preserving, elevating, and improving either the United States, and/or the human mind, the $64,000 question becomes:  why this omission? Simple memory fog? Sleep-deprivation? Or high from marijuana or other drug? As the United States continues to legalize dope (i.e. marijuana and related drugs) we must increasingly consider this as a possibility whenever anyone, anywhere, at any time, errs. A natural mistake--or a drug-induced one? Trust is thus destroyed because 1.) we can no longer be certain that people will accomplish or execute tasks properly, and because 2.) the person in question will likely never tell us whether they were high or not, leaving a nationwide trail of errors and mistakes, the actual reason for which, never known. Which also means that required enhancements and improvements to systems, processes, and procedures in every sphere of society may never be implemented, or their implementation will be skewed in design, scope, and implementation.

The unyielding reality is a properly-functioning society, much less one seeking to reach its functional zenith, simply cannot entertain drug use among its citizens.

April 30, 2022



vzn atmd system hung up on me as soon as i replied that no, i could not make any payment by today.

May 01, 2022



Working in the house, especially with my Mother in her bedroom. Bullseye with Jesse Thorn is airing on NPR and I'm (attempting) to listen to it. Mind you, I sent this young man an email a few years ago telling him that unless he was trying to channel his inner 12-year-old, he really should stop saying "Like" every fifth word. I received no response.

Cut to tonight. His first guest, comedienne Molly Shannon. She's been around for years, I'd presume she's in her 40s now--and every 10th word is "like." Then Jesse speaks, and every 15th word is "like."

I've complained that the crew who invaded my home on April 07, 2022 and abducted my Mother were, as I recall, little more than children. Being almost 62, even someone in their 30s would likely seem, to me, to be children, or akin to them. Now, this.

Then, Mr. Thorne's second guest, a director; sounded like a middle-aged guy. Same thing--from the director. Every 15th word--"like." I'm starting tho think that misuse of this lowly adverb? is infiltrating the entire language and culture, and is no longer reserved for, and suggests, gawky teenagers.

This is no longer funny, as it represnents in the

May 02, 2022



I just called my local Domino's Pizza, the location that provided poor, and sometimes downright incompetent service for a long time, such that we stopped calling them, and I had the impression then that they didn't want to deliver to us, anymore, either. I guess my continued insistence that they be competent was too much for them. How much trouble is it to take an order for a pizza, make the product to specification, then deliver it within a reasonable amount of time? In fact--isn't this what Domino's does? Isn't this their forte and their business?

We used to order from Domino's very frequently, but stopped because both locations in my vicinity proved themselves unequivocally incompetent. Lately, however, I've been missing that Domino's taste and have been trying to get a pie. This is why I found myself calling them just now; the location just minutes whose products and service was so unsatisfactory in years past.

The call went through, the familiar loud, obnoxious Domino's promos began playing, and a minute later someone answered the call; it sounded like a young man. His call quality was poor.

(You already starting to get the picture?)

He answered the phone, "Domino's." They're open? I thought. So I asked the young man, to which he replied, "Ah, no. The store is closed."

OK if the store is closed why did the promos run when I called? And why was the call answered by a human? And why didn't the human immediately apprise me that the store was closed, instead of answering "Domino's," certainly implying, if for a fleeting moment, that the store was open?

The answer to all these questions, of course, is simply that my thesis, that just about all of American society is incompetent from top to bottom, is correct.


After penning the above I pushed the top down on this laptop. The top is actually broken in the corner so I had to give it an extra push. Immediately upon doing so, and to my immediate surprise, the force of my hand caused the plastic laptop stand that the PC was resting on, it's a floor-stand, to collapse.

Immediately upon this happening I remembered that the stand had been weakened or otherwise lost some of its structural integrity, recently.

But why didn't I recall this prior to pushing the laptop cover closed?


Here's more.

My Mother'sh heater broke yesterday, and the only way that I've been able to provide her a semblance of heat has been by cranking up the house heat. Which provides her only forced-air, as the kind of warm air generated by this kind of furnace is called, which is not very satisfying as a heat source, and also in our case, now, reasons unknown, produces warmed air that is almost caustic in the feeling it produces on the lips and in the respiratory system.

About 50 minutes, ago, however, I noticed, right in my Mother's bedroom where her broken heater now sits idle, and where it was producing hot air when it worked, I noticed the heater that was in her bedroom, previously. In fact, it's simply the taller version of the one that she was using.

And as I recall--this other heater works. So I could have vacuumed that heater and put it into service in her bedroom hours and hours ago, and she would have never been cold, as she is now and has been intermittently over the last, say, 24 hours since her small heater broke.

Upon coming downstairs about thirty minutes ago I also reminded myself that, in fact, we also have at least one and I believe two, low-profile baseboard-style heaters that could also have been used.

So why didn't I readily recall these units? That we had not one, but I believe three other heaters in the house? It's because it's not just the Domino's employee mentioned above who's fried--we're all fried to one degree or another, in one way or another, for one reason or another. No socio-existential Actualization for our species, yet, I'm afraid. If I'm elected we'll take our first few baby steps, however.

MAY 02, 2022


doordash order. the dasher is delivering to me, AND someone else--doordash did not ask my permisson for this. they used to.

We'll call the Dasher Gregory. he's taking a LONG time, even with a first delivery. Tracking indicates that his car not moving. first said he was waiting on an order. i dont think that was correct. then said he was sitting in the parking lot and was on his way right now. i was tracking the kid. he was not moving from parker ave in botany village. is he sitting there smoking dope? We'll never know.

May ??, 2022

amazon return. you need a smartphone--which i dont have. no provision for that, or if so, they dont tell you this. may 03. no, after calling whole foods market, an official amazon return center, it appears that there is no provision. the imbeciles just assume that everyone has a smartphone. this is obviously not an elder-friendly, or even baby-boomer-friendly, service.

May 08, 2022

Mother's Day


Just sat down in my kitchen, at my computer, evidently not realizing that the light was off and the room was dark. The entire keyboard of this so-called ThinkPad is dark--I can't see a key. The old ThinkPads, the real ThinkPads, the laptops that had unique and genuinely useful features incorporated a superb feature that I used to use all the time--the ThinkLight. It was a tiny LED inserted into the upper rim of the computer opposite the keyboard and it would shine down on the keyboard, providing just the touch of illumination needed.

This Chinese piece-of-junk masqueriding as a ThinkPad? It has no keyboard illumination, whatever (whatever, more elegant way to say "whatsoever"). And BTW, this is not the only erstwhile ThinkPad feature Lenovo removed.

In this case it's a Chinese, not American, company that has dropped the ball, though Lenovo laptops are widely sold in the United States. I'd buy another Lenovo only with a gun to my head.

MOTHERS day, account #2

been meaning to pen this for smoe time. wait, wait, dont tell me, the most UNFUNNY radio comedey program ever. how npr can wast precious bandwidth on this ridiculous program that is NOT FUNNY AT ALL, i dont know. and what neally stings is that i remember, some years ago, when this program first appeared. it replaced a word-oriented program, itself a bit comedic, that was really excellent: sharp, witty, funny, and educational. the removed that, and introduced this garbage. peter sagal is the host and head NON-comedian. does this man actually imagine himself to be funny?

account #3

anthore ethry htat i've been meaning to pen for some time: shop-rite someone is not doing there job or phps there is an inventory systems glitch, bcs hte last three or four times that ive looked for the disposable gloves that they sell in EXTRA LARGE...thevyve been out of this size.

MAY 11/12, 2022

The NPR newsreader Michael Hill, in announcing the weather, continues to use the term "sprinkles." There will be "sprinkles." Repeats it. But what is a sprinkle? A bit of rain? Snow? This strikes me as imprecise. Maybe it's just me, as I suppose we could say that a small amount of snow is a flurry.

MAY 13, 2022, Friday - Account #1


To my great surprise, about 24 hours ago noted nutritionist and author Gary Null said, on-air, I heard him, that, in regard to someone's political views, ethnicity, etc, he: "Could care less." This construction is a shock to any writer, or anyone who knows that Gary, himself, has written many books, as the correct phrase is "Couldn't care less."

OK, you might think, so he made a mistake this time, big deal. You must understand that this constitutes such a common mistake, made all the time by persons of lesser, or no, facility in speech and language--not by an author. And if you're trying to Actualize, an my Presidential platform describes and recommends, consistency is very important, both to produce the precise and proper result each and every time, and to stay in the habit of being consistent and disciplined.

MAY 13(?), 2022, Friday - Account #2

National Public Radio segment or program on reparations to African-Americans for slavery. Featured a male rapper who opined that there wasn't much that rhymed with the term, proceeding to delineate some terms that did, such as, he listed:  salutations, presentations, then finallnn elineate said mastercate, which he explained meant "to chew the food in your mouth."

The correct term is masticate, not mastercate.

Fri may 20, 2022

spoke to selena. vy confusing prsn to speak with, btw.

RapidResponseMedical.com med transport

you know how long in advance you must book a trip with RR med transport?

one to two days.

May 22, 2022, Sunday


my mother is asleep. her healt lately veyr touch and go. taking her to hosp or other med care today, we hope. she needs the sleep; i was about to sleep too for a while.

moron nxt door, j, just fired up his mower. its loud.

MAY 25, 2022, Wednesday - ACCOUNT #1

The Continuing Incompetence of American Corporations

I just cooked--or attempted to--an Amy's Macaroni &nbps; Cheese dinner. The cooking instructions are incorrect

MAY 25, 2022, Wednesday - ACCOUNT #2



Upstairs with my Mother assisting her in using the commode. Put her back in bed then come downstairs to retrieve her meal, an Amy's Macaroni & Cheese frozen dinner that was done, per the extra sixteen-minutes as chronicled, above. While in my Mother's bedroom assisting her I'm smelling a food odor thinking it was simply the smell of the Amy's dinner wafting through the house.

Leaving my Mother temporarily, I'm starting to walk down the stairs and still smelling the food odor, not yet sensing any problem; just the smell of a completed frozen meal. But about halfway down the stairs I'm realizing that the smell is actually that of something burning, rather than merely cooked. Now I'm starting to get worried. Could it be the dinner? I don't see how. If not the dinner, then--what? Something else starting to burn here in the house? Uh-oh.

The first place to check, of course, is our small Kitchen-Aid oven where the item was cooked, and as I approach the unit two of my senses convey all the information that I need to understand what that odor is and what was burning or had burned:  the oven was again exhibiting a malfunction exhibited about two months ago, whereby even though the unit had finished its cooking cycle--its two upper heating elements were still glowing orange. They had not shut down with the unit.

OH SNAP! I immediately pull the power cord from the wall, then

pay attention to our young ppl for hteir sake, bcs theyre the onse to carry on the country, and--bcs we're obvy doing a lousy job with them as evidenced by, among other acts of violence and other pathology, the two recent mass murders coming within justdays of each toher: buffalo, now tx with 18 kids dead.

it is said that an armed society is a polite society, and idneed does this wry observation point to a truth:  if we'er to be an armed society with few controls on weapons, we must counterbalance this with extra helpings of Love.

IDEA to reduce gang activity and formation: Guide program. local faith leaders and organizations and others will clutivate older gang members who are more or less ready t oleave the life, rlzg that its a nowhere road, to be guides/shepards to persuade others to do the same, or at lesat moderate their illegal behavior and activity.

MAY 27, 2022


ordering delta faucet fixture for our kitchen sink, from amzn.

amz page says dvry date may 28. this is largely why i order it from them and not from home depot.

i place the order and the first page that appears after i click PLACE THE ORDER statse: est dvry date MAY 29 !!!

MAY 28, 2022


JST UPstairs in my mothers room, wanted to go downstairs to txt the asshole and tell her she's taking too long; my mother insisted that i come right back upstairs--she was having hallucinations right at that moment and didnt want to be alone.

MAY 30, 2022 - MONDAY

Memorial Day

Someone parked their car in front of my house, yesterday, in such a manner that about half of the narrow mouth of my driveway was blocked. When I brought my car in I actually had to mount the property area of a neighbor.

Was the driver stoned? We'll probably never know. In fact, I' myself committed this fau pax, something you're.

JUNE 03, 2022 - FRIDAY

About three days ago, weather forecast "rain throughout the day." throughout. then later that day, different radio station, "slight chance of rain in the afternoon."

JUNE 18, 2022 - SATURDAY


JULY 01, 2022 - FRIDAY


Brian Lehrer show, NPR, Rebroadcast of previous broadcasts. First interview discussing "food insecurity," female guest mentions the USDA. The host articulates the full name of the department, saying "United States Department of Agriculture."

Isn't it interesting that he found it necessary to do that. Does he imagine that there might actually have been persons in the audience unfamiliar with this most familiar of agencies of the United States government?

He was probably correct in stating the full name of the department. Why, is the problem, here.

JULY 02, 2022

sady last night: burger king, east rutherford, ordered whop jun no cheese no mayo. came with cheese. rite-aid, allwood road clifton, scanning a few items at the self-serve registers. thought i had scanned incorrectly, scanning at last one itme not enough times, or perhaps too many times. so i asked the teen male who works there about it. then, tonight, pizza delivery from papa joh'ns through doordash. arrival time so i opn the front door to find the young f oreign delivery man standing there looking at smartphone while he had set downt the pizza directly on the ground.

setting up my avast acount. put in new password. it tell me , good, its not a common password. then when i click thebutton i get an error message, cannot be a common password! next, it wont let me get past tis screen:

Your Avast Account is ready! Now continue to sign in to Avast Premium Security for Windows. nothing i do dismisses this window.

and i eve cliked the atvation in the mail igot. that wast enough to preven this problm.

JULY 04, 2022, Monday

Independence Day


I didn't ask for it. But I've just been given another firm reason that I will not contribute one dime--not one dime--to National Public Radio. It's segment aired just now, narrated by someone Lily Queros, on what is acceptable, even desirable, in human sexuality featured a guest who was referred to as they, by the narrator, and we, by the guest. In other words, the segment used the new homosexual/anysexual pronoun schema that deprecates conventional pronouns such as he and she in referring to single individuals.

The segment was, ergo, predictably confusing, as, in standard English, a single individual referred to by a pronoun is he, she, or in some cases, they.

Thus is this station now de facto, if not de jure and officially an advocate of:

  1. Drag Queen Story Hour

  2. Legalization and decriminalization of marijuana

  3. elimination, or expansion of, conventional pronouns in service of radical, or at least very unconventional, notions of gender

JULY 04, 2022


Male guest discussing the changing demographics in America, said: saarc deay but aybe after that.discomforted. maybe he meant discomfited?

JULY 09, 2022



220p, female host or commentator on The Moth Radio Hour airing on NPR FM interviewing someone, misuses the word gauntlet, twice: first, she asked the guest if she ever felt there was "a gauntlet hanging over her head." Gauntlets dont hang over your head. Second, she pronounced the word as gaunt' let, not the correct gant' let.

The same inexplicable mistake made by Ben Shapiro a few months ago.

i blv that the female commentator was Chloe Bannon.

JULY 13, 2022



Yet another login problem with verizon. using my standard information but their system won't let me log in. I successfully logged in overnight, just hours ago. Now, not accepting my login data.

To get me signed in their system keeps prompting me with statements like "You're just minutes away from enjoying your new FIOS equipment." This kind of greeting stops me dead in my tracks, as it suggests that their system is mistracking or miss-assigning my technical status. I've called up their chat, and they're supposed to be connecting me to an agent. No, the chat window is evidently f rozen, just as the page to review and presumably Cancel my technician's appointment for today was blank several hours ago. Nor evidently can I dismiss the blank chat window, yet it's blocking other information on the screen that Verizon is presenting to me, to help me negotiate this log-in problem. See below. 1044a ok im finally back at the correct main page. now we'll see if this page properly loads the next one i'll select, to review the home visit scheduled for today. 1045a ok that page still wont' load. i'll try a different browser. 1047a ok i was just lead to a different page providing an option regarding my visit today, to REVIEW NOW. Lets click the link. same blank page. let me clear my opera cache. ok cleared the cache, the page is still blank and dead. ok tried it in firefox, successfully went through password change procedure. vzn repair page still won't load and remains blank, even in ffox. 1110a had to cancel the appt b yhpone, which I just did. btw in speaking with amanda the second vzn phone rep yady about my falure to connect, she indicated that htere was no record of any prior tech call! what happened to my call with juan, the first tech who was assisting me?! he was assisting, seemingly quite ably, for a good ten mins or so, and was to call me right back after a system reset. he dsnt appear to have done so, however, and that was the last i heard from him. the phone did ring thrice but i cant say whether that was him trying t ocall back. if so, why did he let the phone ring only htree times? when he called my initially, he let it ring many times. in fact, it was only upon n the very last ring that i was able to get to the phone and pick up the handset. 1032a

I believe I neglected to mention that about a week ago there was a female guest on a radio program, I believe that it was an NPR program, whose vocal fry was so severe that her voice was literally unlistenable.

JULY 14, 2022

The Verizon technician came to the appointment yesterday, though I had cancelled it.

JULY 15, 2022, Friday

Plumbing company to repair our vitally-needed kitchen sink changed terms of service literally at the last minute, making it impossible for us to retain them to perform their employee to perform the work. This is a young plumber who did work for us previously and whom I had specifically requested, this time.

Office representative said they were dropping us as customers because they didn't want to deal with all the "drama and hassle." Well I'm caregiving a 91year-old woman, my Mother, not to mention that much of the American population is geriatric if not elderly, so I'd recommend that this, and every, company, start seriously acquainting themselves with the dynamic of acquiring and servicing customers who are elderly, or who care for the elderly.

Smart, responsive companies already have.

One of their complaints against us was that we had to reschedule our appointment several times. Well that was a direct result of my caring, alone, for an elderly and frankly quite ill individual. I was as disappointed and unhappy as they were at the necessity for several reschedules. Moreover, their other office representative, in regard to at least one of the cancellations, said something to me along the lines of, "just call us when you're ready," leading me to much appreciate what appeared at that time to be their cooperative attitude.


July 19, 2022 saw the start of a phenomenon that was inevitable, given the generally purile and vacuous character of American culture:  the receipt of prank telephone calls placed to the DeBENEDETTO CAMPAIGN, presumed to originate in country, possibly by local persons. I have thus restricted access to telephonic communication.

These calls, two so far, were placed by 1.) children, or 2.) adults who are aimless, idle, disaffected, malign, vindictive, ego-immature, obtuse, unstable, jealous, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This retrograde character of our citizens, child or adult, is largely why America is in decline.

My work as writer and philosopher, even well prior to my attempt at the Presidency, was informed by, and entertained, the key question:  "Could the United States ever produce another Einstein?"

Knowing that the generation (i.e. creation), germination (i.e. early growth), and ultimately the success of an Einstein depends not merely on individual brilliance or advance of seminal (i.e. groundbreaking) ideas, but on an accommodating social environment that comprises (i.e is; fills the role of) a proper support structure, I've proffered my conclusion to the negative. Failure behavior such as malign (i.e. sadistically evil) pranks unfortunately corroborates my opinion.

It is unfortunate, yet instructive, that these individuals are so gripped by the Phenomenon of Stupidity (© 2022 VFD) that they elect to attempt to tear down and compromise, rather than bolster (i.e. strengthen) and support what is obviously one of the most robust and interesting, if not critical, U.S. Presidential campaigns in history, a campaign several planks of which will literally save the lives of they and their family and friends, several times over. They'd know this if they had read through my Platform, which they likely have not.


Tonight, Friday, September 09, 2022, I've decided to make these prank telephone calls available here for review and assessment, for, as stated, THE WORLD IS MY LABORATORY. Accordingly, simply everything is relevant to my assessment of the world and how to change it, in this case via the operational management and invention of the DeENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION.


Click to Listen

  1. RECORDING OF PRANK CALL #1:  recording inadvertently lost.

  2. RECORDING OF PRANK CALL #2:  recording inadvertently lost.

    During one or both of the above calls, mocking reference was made to my run for the Presidency, thus confirming that it was said run that catalyzed these acts.

  3. RECORDING OF PRANK CALL #3, Friday, September 09, 2012: [pending].

Click above to hear for yourself the product of the intersection of great aspiration, strong intellect, and noble intent, with the ignoble and pathetic self-ministrations and gratifications of the vacuous and the stupid. Those brothers and sisters suffering a dearth in maturity, morality, intellect, and fidelity to country--and even self-interest.


September 11, 2022

About 445a

The world lost Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday, September 08, 2022, two days ago, and the latest prank call mentioned her by name in a very high affective voice as if it were she speaking. Obviously very, very disrespectful to 1.) the Queen, 2.) England, our historic ally, 3.) our nation as we are mourning her loss, as well as England and, indeed, the world, and 4.) the world, given that the entire world is mourning her loss, as evidenced, for example, by the heartfelt testimonials of world leaders who knew her personally and professionally, and the throngs massed around the world at British embassies and other logical points of congregation.

Well, that said prank content is extremely disrespectful is obvious if you're not an ignorant, purile, immature, destructive imbecile, with far too much time on their hands, that is.

Moreover, the high-pitched affective intonation of the prank caller actually makes it virtually impossible to actually hear what they are saying:  most of this last call simply came across as one long halting, yammering, largely inchoate high-frequency din. These geniuses are not exactly working off of a planned script.


Who are the miscreants placing these prank calls? This is unclear, as each call, predictably, registers PRIVATE NUMBER on Caller Identification. It appears that the family across the street permits their children to use drugs, marijuana, evidently. Perhaps the calls are made while someone is under the influence of marijuana.

What if the criminal mischief-makers are children? After all, the demeanor of the person or persons speaking during the calls impresses as very juvenile, even purile. This impression may be an affection, however, as I don't know how likely it is that an actual child would be aware of my Presidential exploration, then able to repeatedly conduct such prank calls. Secondly, it is important to understand that the prank-callers indict themselves as children, as their behavior reflects only the lowest level of maturity and intellect. They are children.

Were the callers actual children, the social indictment would remain, as any robust standard of Actualization would apply to children as adults, and we'd want the behavior of even our children to hue to the highest standard of maturity, intellect, and decency.

JULY 22, 2022



Industry, American and otherwise, continues to demonstrate its incompetence. The $14 bottle of premium DeLallo olive oil that I purchased several days ago has a malfunctioning cap: it simply won't screw on tightly. Now maybe if I remove the decorative collar on the neck of the bottle the cap will screw on. But this collar appears meant to remain on the bottle.

About five minutes ago I added some of this DeLallo product to the meatballs that I was heating for my Mother, only to immediately realize my goof:  because the bottle had been sitting on my shelf for about three days not tightly capped because of the aforementioned problem, bacteria or even minute insects could have infiltrated or entered the bottle, compromising the product.

Yet my Mother is very hungry and is waiting for these meatballs, and I don't have a second package were I to play it strictly safe and discard this one, because of possible contamination.

The American and international corporate system asks a lot of us as workers, and consumers. But what does it really give us in return, save lives of difficulty and complexity, underscored by dispirit, disappoinment, illness, and death?

JULY 31, 2022



At the Harvard Health site. Promotional window appears. I'm not interested so I press my ESCAPE key and the window immediately disappears--excellent. This is good design as it makes elimination of the window fast and simple for the user, and takes advantage of the proper functionality of that key. HOWEVER, many sites aren't so enlightened, and pressing the ESCAPE key does not dismiss a promotional or other window that has appeared. Bad design and endlessly frustrating for me, and presumably other users, especially "power" users.

AUGUST 01, 2022



I just decided that I no longer trust Gary Null.

he had two commentators on-air today, first a male then a female, both speaking on the company Blackrock, portrayed as a predatory colossus.

Both commentators spoke too fast; the first probably worse than the second. Both spoke poorly in these broadcasts:  too fast, imprecise pronunciation, a problem characteristic of Gary Null, himself, both unfortunate attributes given the density and importance of their information. This is the kind of substandard transfer of potentially vital information that humanity can no longer tolerate, given the many difficulties and complexities of this century and the categorical need to redress them.

Gary brought the commentary by these two speakers to air, WBAI NYC, and he, himself, really has, especially now as an older man, a poor on-air presence. He routinely mispronounces words and sometimes speaks in a manner just a stones throw from a mumble. he rants and rails against the problems in society but doesn't appear to have an y solutions, or if he does I'm not aware of them, and I've been listening to him on-and-off for years. and like many commentators and would-be life coaches he rails against "toxic" persons, stating explicitly that he avoids them, evidently not realizing that such persons probably behave in unattractive ways because they are troubled, and could use a hand and some empathy--not studious avoidance.

in the area of legalized marijuana and its use, he states categorically that it should not be consumed as its effects on the user are substantial--yet failing to follow his own moral if not behavioral or general logic states concomitantly that he believes in "choice" and thus supports the right of people to legally buy and use dope, stupidly unaware of, or simply ignoring the reality that if the severe effects of the use of this drug cannot help but adversely impact others beside simply the person using it, from the person breathing in second-hand marijuana smoke, to the co-worker, family member, or customer suffering inadequate, incompetent, or even life-threatening behavior on the part of the stoned individual, then obviously the drug should remain illegal.


as i may have noted above, lopate is shot, too. this guy just dsnt know how to ask a question and then shut the fuck up and listen to the answer. hes constantly posing further questions or adding to his initial question as the guest is trying to answer it, causing himself and the guest to constantly trip over each other. he's one of the amatuerish interviewers ive ever heard.

AUG 03

hung up today it appears by someone at wbai during the akai show. they were discussed sthg im very well versed in nad maantain a def oepinion, and policy position, about.

"General Station Information (during business hours 9am-5pm weekdays) (212) 209-2877 To reach the studio during call - in shows 212.209.2877" On Air Now (2:00 PM - 2:30 PM ET) Quantum Medicine with Dr Kamau Kokayi
1047a doing it right #2 jst rnwd my driv lic online--no trip to a center rqrd. DIR #1 was last night when a clifton cop flashed me and told me about my license--and then just let me go. wow.

aug 06, 2022

on road last? night, police officer warns me re exp license, but no ticket! spsd to rain yday, pssobliy quite heavily--not a drop. not one drop.

aug 07, 2022

"he's accused of bombing hospitals, and disappearing...[noun here]" using verbs as nouns in this manner, also like, "he disrespected me," using nouns as verbs, truly awkward and stupid use of language.

aug 08

vzn website remainsn a nightmare. I CANT GET TO THE VZN WIRELESS SITE. eml they sent upon making my monthly cnell ph pmt said thank you, mgt your account--which would prby mean my CELL accaunt, at myveriozon.com. so i go there and TERE IS NO LINK TO MANAGE MY CELL PACCOUTN. so ok i then go to verizonwireless.com, and IT ROUTES ME BACK TO THE STANDARD VZN PAGE WITH, AGAIN, NO LINK to my vzn wireless account.


The incompetence of dr oma's office and staff strikes again. janet told me the office closes at 445p, so if i called at 440 they'd be there to take a call. i just called, 438--and got the ans svc. now i dont know if mao is coming or not.


avast just informed me that all my software applications are up-to-date. Now, understand that each time the program does its SmartScan, which I've set for each night at 7pm, it flags four, and then three apps that are out-of-date. Since I have little interest in updating most apps, I always click away that screen. How, then, is it possible that Avast is now reporting to me that all apps are up-to-date? . . . . It doesn't apper that avast updated my programs without permission. Why, then, is it now reporting that al programs are up-to-date? . . . .


AUG 11, 2022

ok an avast screen just appeared as if the prgm was just installed. yet it retained my programming for a 7p nightlsy smartscan, and when it ran the scan just now, which i had to manually initiate tho it retained the programming, geuss what--its now again reporting three outhdaetd apps.

go figure.

Time Unknown

Left my motehrs bedroom about three minutes aogo. As I was starting down the steps I became concerned because I had left her window open, which I normally don't do, in fact we rarlely open any windows in her room because of her morbid fear of bugs, I had sleft her window open and it appears that the orthodox Jew imbeciles across the street hvae premited their chilsd or children to take advantage of hte rich opportunity now afforded new jerseyans to take drugs, by Murderin' Murphy.

xbad enough cant keep the window open bcs of blsowers mowers, kids toys, now hte toxicgarbage from n

the mosq squad and similar companies.

AUG 12 2022

This is insane. there is no longer any way to increase the quantity of an item prior t oordering. im going around and aruond in a loop. and btw, in adding oils to the sadnwich--what is "OIL+" ? see snap.

AUG 13, 2022



power went out. must be a sweltering day, huh? when everyone has their air conditioners cranking?

no, this is a relatvily mild day at about 85F, yet the power went out.

incompetence, or something like it.

AUG 15, 2022

Monday 817a

Just called PT Health to cancel my mothers phlebotomy visit of today. automatedsystem directed a press of 2 to cancel. immy upon my doing so the call simply...terminated!

i immy hearnd nothingbut BZZZ BZZZ BZZZ BZZZ ! There obviously should have been a confirmation of the cancellation. And so it goes in the medical industry--which is why neither my Mother nor I trust it, and haven't yet taken her for medical care.

Tried twice more, recording the last attempt. Same result:  termination of call.

525, their tech showed up around 1130a; told him i tried t ocancel three times, told him what happend, he said, i can blv it, other customers have told him the sam thing. And yet their website is so ultra-professional looking and in tone. what a disconnnect between marketing and reality of a company.

does tylenol instructions specify htat you can take every four hours IF youre above a certain weight? bcs drugs.com says this, and it makes sense. and htis is critical to specify to patients as tyl can kill you. "experts aren't sure how acetamenophen works" -- from drugs.com i blv. mother a bit nauseous rcly; could it be bcs dope-smoking going on in the area? i shouldnt even have to ENTERTAIN worries like this! nor should anyone else. Mao mistakes of the other day, aug 08, i blv: only took her bp once, he ddnt seem to adjust the heighth of her arm, nor ask if she had eaten, nor have her sit quietly for five minutes. then prescribed arb drug with apparent pcpl side effect of dizziness, when i told him that her pbm is dizziness, already.

AUG 17, 2022

NPR Lehrer program guest is the guy in charge of the New York "office of cnannabis something."

NYC is giving preference to ppl with dope convictions in openeing up dope shops.

"As New York State prepares to launch the dispensary licensing process for people who have been affected by cannabis arrests in the past, Chris Alexander, executive director of New York's Office of Cannabis Management, explains the qualifications and what happens next."


Based on this logic--why not let pesons convicted of murder using a firearm open up gun shops?


Just dialed the scumbag (aka my sibling) about twelve times to come and do the trash tonight.

No answer to any call, and couldn't leave a message because MAILBOX FULL has been the status of her voice mailbox for about seven or eight months now.

She will not do the trash because SHE IS THE TRASH.

AUG 26, 2022



It is not raining with or without the projected thunderstorm, nor has it today. Meaning that the weather forecsat was AGAIN WRONG.

The precipitation was to occur during the afternoon.

AUG 29, 2022



Evidently, morning has broke, and the dawn arrived. Meaning, as of about 50 minutes ago my Mother finally began having a strenuously anticipated, if minimalist, bowel movement. First, a chunk roughly the size of a slightly-oversized ping-pong ball emerged, scathed or not I can't say, from my Mother's anus. Oh, was that a joy, for several reasons, principally because it appeared to confirm that, in fact, she was not constipated, or certainly not "fully" constipated. also means, and in knew this as soon as i saw the little interloper, would probobly not have to give the enema, nor visit any local emergency dept. not hoving to givet the enema was particularly fortuitous bcs i read that if the sufferer has any sort of kidney disease--which many ameracins have without knowing it, the eneman should not be given. this has me thinking back to the several times that I b rought my Mother to the edepartment for constipaiton, and the first thing that they do is, you guessed it, apply a Fleet enema. Did they, in each case, confirm that she had no kidney disease? Which itself, reminds me of the time, lest we unfairly indict conventional allopathic medicine, that I consulted a local Naturopathic doctor, we'll call him Dr. Greo, because my Father wis experiencing dizziness upon getting up. The doctor suggested that I give my Father multiple cups of ginger tea each day, ginger known to provide an assist with dizziness.

However, upon researching this remedy I came across the warning that the ginger tea remedy not be used if the sufferer has gallstones. Fair enough--except for the fact that this doctor mentioned nothing about this to me.

AUG 30, 2022



In discarding pizza boxes this morning, I realized who else is responsible for my Mother's strokes and heart attacks, besides Amy's "Natural" Foods and White Castle (no such claim of health. at least they're intellectually honest):  the food from our previously-favored local pizzeria, Clinton Pizza Village. My Mother and I had been eating their food for some time. I would be shocked to hear that neither they, nor their various suppliers, were using vegetable seed oils (Canola, Soy, Sunflower, etc) for their pizza, meatballs, breads, or something.

SEPT 02, 2022



hack hosp, abducted, prescribed statin (did they give her any statin drug themselves while in there? if so it could explain her strong delusions there). "What has been clear is that all people with markedly elevated LDL do not get atherosclerotic vascular disease while other individuals with modest elevations in LDL get severe disease. This can be explained by the quality of the LDL particle. Small dense LDL is more atherogenic or more toxic to the endothelium." (https://www.preventive-cardiology.com/small-dence-ldl/)

this doctor on the "Geriatric Team" mentioned nothing of this to me, only my Mother's allegd overall LDL level.

Sept 06, 2022

evdy boa deleted my account. ive had it for years.

no warning. no notice.

SEPT 12, 2022



I enjoy, find useful, and listen almost daily to the Brian Lehrer Show on NPR, though I don't care for the host, himself. This morning one of his guests, a writer of humor, used the word uneducable. Based on my own grammar and style sense as a writer I immediately thought, "No:  ineducable," and I referenced the purported difference. Here it is, according to WikiDiff.com:

"As adjectives the difference between ineducable and uneducable is that ineducable is incapable of being educated while uneducable is incapable of being educated."


Way to establish or strengthen the credibility of your brand.

SEPT 14, 2022

NPR female interviewer this morning said tenant instead of tenet. then, at 855a tis morning, also NPR, another female newscaster/journalist said "lessen." Why lessen? Why not decrease? Decrease is still simple language, but maintains a minimum standard of elegance or at least maturity in language. Tuesday ,

SEPT 14, 2022

About four nights ago ordered Italian sub from DoorDash; specified, as always, HAND IT TO ME. Imagine my surpris, then, upon checking my delivery viewscreen and being informed that the delivery was done, and finding the bag on my porch. Yet another DoorDash screwup.

SEPT 20, 2022



About an hour ago now a small Verizon truck parkedin front of our house, with its right rear tire on the curb, the curb being part of the sidewalk the last I looked. When the technician, an early 40's Caucasian exited his vehicle I wished him Good Morning, and then said something like, "Can I ask you respectfully not to park on the sidewalk?" Ever-naive me, I expected some sort of even mildly respectful or otherwise positive response, even if insincere). What I got was.... Nothing, no oral response just a kind of momentary silent look. What he was thinking, I don't know. The quiescence of the gentleman ma trying t oget info from soc svcs several passaic #'s none go torough, malcam and main #5074 try direc tdail to gema, doest go trough main # pat 0100 goes through, says enter extension you want, i enter 5003, routes my back to, pls enter xtsn you want. so i try gema, same thing, immy routes me back to, wlcm to passa cty soc svcs, pls enter xtsn you want. so i call back and follow the full prompt menu at main 0100 number. i select 0 for "all other calls," option, and say wait time is 51 seconds. puts me on hold about ever 20 seconds saying please ctnu to hold-type statement, but wihle holding the sound im contiunally hearing, annoyngily, is the sound of the phone ringing finally, after holding several minutes, at 1101am the auto voice says "cannot take my call at this time, pls try again later."

SEPT 21, 2022

757p called target hack, need briefs badly as does my m other. press 2 for guest services. no answer--i knew it. called back, press 4, i think, for specific departments, i select apparel and accessories--no answer. and as usual my idiot sister isnt respndoing to my text. want to try FOR THE THIRD TIME to get she and her good-for-absolutely-positively-nothing bf to go. i am BEYOND busy with mom.

SEPT 22, 2022



I just received another cyber-blackmail email, the second in about a month (that I should have saved and reprinted here), stating that if I didn't hand-over $1350 in bitcoin all my alleged personal online sexual activities would be revealed for all the world to see.

And this blistering imbecile, this sorely and pathetically misguided brother actually stated, among other logical and moral absurdities, that my delivery of the loot, and his termination of the threat upon receipt of the loot was (close paraphrase) "...a matter of fairness," and, "to protect involvement with this kind of thing in the future, you should change your passwords often."

Oh, thanks for the advice...what a great guy!

Uh--hey lowlife imbecile, how about "to prevent my involvement with this kind of thing in the future," you keep your cybernose out of my business, and don't misrepresent or fabricate my business, in the first place?


Just finished a chat session with my Mother's podiatrist. Here is the transcript:

Live Agent Dr. Mike Haskel, DPM Close Chat 22 Sep Thursday Welcome to Dr. Mike Haskel, DPM! A live, real person is available to talk at no obligation. How can we help you? 05:06am hello, we're already patients of dr haspel. i know he does home visits right? 05:07am Hello. I am sorry, I will have to get this information for you. Can we email or text you the answer to your question? I can also connect you to our office by phone. 05:07am i'll call myself, thanks. but this is basic information about dr haspel's practice. why don't you have it? 05:09am You're welcome. We can be reached at 973-777-4560. To email us, please use our contact form: https://www.drmarchaspeldpm.com/contact Your email will be delivered to the appropriate person. Is there anything else I can help you with? 05:09am am i conversing with a live human? 05:10am Absolutely, I am a live person and this is a live chat. 05:10am i ask bcs you didn't answer my question. 05:11am I am sorry, I will have to get that information as it is not available right in front of me. Please reach us at the aforementioned contact for further assistance. 05:12am do you realize that the answer to my question, that, yes, he does home visits, is presented right at his website? i'd think that you'd have at least as much information as is publicly available at his own website. 05:13am I understand. I will have it added into the manuals to avoid any inconveniences in the future. 05:14am Thanks for contacting Dr. Mike Haskel, DPM. The chat session has ended. 05:15am im running for president and this is one of the problems we have in america, substandard provision of goods and services. SendPowered by Web Power Advantageim running for president and this is one of the problems we have in america, substandard provision of goods and services.

I was composing that last statement about running for President but the chat rep, "Tony," unilaterally ended the chat--another mistake.


People who are gripped by what I term in my work the Phenomenon of Stupidity can be very much like a car with a slowly failing engine, backfiring sporadically and unpredictably as it traverses local roads or highways. But instead of emitting the products of incomplete or incorrect combustion, such people when they "backfire" produce injurious behavior such as insensitivity, cruelty, disrespect, animosity, and selfishness. My sibling, ever the dimwit, just texted me a message that reverses something they told me previously. Her bbf said, quite magnanamously, especially for him, that if my Mother and me ever found ourselves without a place to live, we could live with them, in their finished basement, in fact. But evidently that has all changed. insert text from her re you dont want to live here, mouse pbm etc. not big enough for three ppl. ridiculous. hypcritical, and a lie.

looks like mom and me, if we ever need a place to live, will be HITTIN THE ROAD JACK.

SEPT 28, 2022

bought auto insurance from state farm, as they already provide our homeowner's insurance. the agent got our name wrong, a one-letter typo. notified him, he was apologetic, actually seeming a bit aghast at his error, and promising me that he'd make all the necessary corrections down the line in the paperwork. after promising this, i found a remaining instance of the typo in a key document. i notified him. then about two days ago we received our formal contract in the postal mail--still bearing the typo.

oct 01

sat 423a never fails. tried to log in to my njcares.gov account, and the system is not accepting my login data, tat is, my set username ad password. and the efforts to correct-failing also. which never fails. prompting me for what its calling a username,which is actually an email address. but I DID NOT SET AN EMALI ADDRESS AS MY USERNAME. i just creatd a username--wich their system is now refusing to accept as such. THIS is the flaw in this login procedure. ok nxt step, i made up an email address tat i thought mbe their system had erroneously accetped, vincentga01@fastmail.net. finally, NOW their system prompts me correctly: "Please enter the email address you entered to register the account!" this will probably turn out to be correct.


The Walgreen's brand underpads, large urine-proof or resistant sheets, that protect such items as chairs and bedding from organic visitors like feces and urine, that I've used for likely somewhere between five and ten years, have now either proven temporarily or permanently defective. Their use, even limited, has left a coating of tiny but discernible particles over my Mother's bed. Had to vacuum the entire sheet, as well as brush them off several times with my hand, and worry about whether the particles are toxic when ingested or inhaled, as such close proximity to the processes of both sleeping and eating undertaken by my Mother on her bed, render either or both a possibility.

There are also the added inconveniences of, psychologically, having to return the product, and, functionally, returning it.

  1. Pnra, extra-cheese-and-sauce pizza prepared incorrectly, and another error (to be cited) (pickup)

  2. Pnra, brownie missing (delivery, DoorDash)

  3. Pnra, two bowls brocolli & cheddar soup. Probably around Dec 08, 2021. Included in bag were two forks--no spoons. (pickup)

  4. ClairMont Grill House, mashed potatoes missing (pickup)

  5. Wwa, wheat roll mistakenly given after employee, Chris, said he'd alert the deli to substitute the white roll, as I had explicitly asked. (delivery, doordash)

  6. Clinton Pizza Village. Plethora of mistakes over the years. (delivery, in-house)

  7. Woodall Diner, Clifton, N.J., guy in kitchen; coughed and sneezed, just continued standing there, at the food/make line. I refused the order and walked out. Pandemic hit the next DAY.


  1. Mari's Restaurant, Clifton, NJ. Probably 2015. Pizza overtly burned on underside. Chef was supposed to call my Mother to apologize. Never received any call.

  2. Jack's Grill, owner, Wassup (sp?), refused to provide ingredient list for the bread they use.

    What's he hiding?

  3. Burger King, Nutley, N.J. Probably 2015 or before. Discussed extra cheese on Whopper. Ultimately ordered my Whopper with extra cheese. Burger arrived with no cheese, at all.


THE DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION IS GOING TO FASHION AND SPONSOR LEGISLATION, IN COLLABORATION WITH OUR CORPORATE PARTNERS, TO IMPLEMENT A NATIONWIDE, ALL-INDUSTRY QUALITY-CONTROL PROGRAM. The errors delineated and described above, and many others cutting across all trades and industries, as well as all levels of governmental operation, are injurious to the consumer, citizen, and, in fact, to our American industries that must achieve, and maintain, cutting-edge competitiveness if we're to possess the economic edge globally.

Fellow Americans, join me now--we haven't a moment to waste!