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"I'm an intelligent person and I'm not going to be treated like this."

-- Jean De Benedetto on her abduction, and the intrusion by strangers into her home and family process

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'"

-- President Ronald Reagan, at a press conference on August 12th, 1986


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April 10, 2022, Sunday

As you read the following introductory account of a real-life incident, resist the temptation, as you shake your head in disbelief and disgust, to ask: How could they do that? How can they do it? They do it. If you're of sufficient age you already know how. Any injurious thing that can be done, to other human beings, non-human beings, or the physical environment--human beings are capable of doing it, and have likely done it, are doing it now, or will, do it.

In reading this account, as both your disgust and disbelief increasingly rap on the door of your consciousness, don't bother asking, "How could they do this?"

Persons of my age, 61, or older, know--they do it. And it's often young people committing these transgressions, whose actions remain happily pure and uncorrupted by Wisdom.

Human beings are capable of just about anything, moral or not, logical or not.

General Introduction

I teach and practice Love, Agape (ugg op' aye) in the language of Greek philosophy, as this principle, properly understood, is the most powerful social force available to Humankind. Without it, at best, Humankind will never Actualize, that is, become the best that its capacities permit, and at worst, may actually destroy itself.

What's this I hear about Vladimir Putin putting his nuclear forces on Alert?

Do I practice Love perfectly? Of course not. But, unlike 99.9% of everyone on planet Earth, am I fully committed to this principal, does my life revolve around it, do I know much about it, have I and do I continue to produce original scholarship in this area and on this subject, as well as practical content, and am I fully committed to teaching Love to everyone, everywhere, while continuing to deepen my own understanding?


And as a writer and philosopher my Magnum Opus, Love, comprises a unique and powerful treatise, and practical guide, on the subject. Of particular interest and relevance to my work are two kinds of phenomenon:  1.) acts of particular Love, since they represent that which we want the world to emulate, and 2.) acts of particular nonlove or lack of Love, as they represent that which is deleterious to the world, and thus we do not want the world to emulate.

The actions of my local government hit squad in abducting and forcibly hospitalizing my Mother fall squarely under the second rubric (i.e. category), and comprise an especially egregious example. Thus, their actions earn their status as an acute object of study.

The Misery Factor in my family prior to the abduction, 10 being worst, was approximately 6.

The Misery Factor after the abduction and forced hospitalization:  approximately 6.5. Carefully read my initial account on this page to learn why. On balance, in other words, the actions of the government agents, their presumed good intentions notwithstanding, hurt us more than they helped us. And it's not over, yet. Not by a longshot. Their actions have caused a cascade of injury and pain to my poor 91-year-old Mother, and thus to me, that remains unredressed. In this hit-and-run, the careening vehicle--the local government officials who abducted my Mother, performed the hit and caused the crash, then dumped her back home and disappeared quietly but completely from the scene--the run. Now it's up to me, as usual, to try to put Humpty-Dumpty back together, again. If I can.

This account is also of relevance to my exploratory effort toward the Presidency, pertinent to the second plank in my platform that urges, in every sphere, the development of functional competence, at least, and Actualization, at best. In this case, even the minimum objective and standard, functional competence, was absent. In fact, in my opinion, the level of functional incompetence was astounding.


My beloved 91 year-old Mother Jean was abducted on Thursday, April 07, 2022 by a small army of government workers including several police officers with guns. They arrived at my doorstep and told me explicitly that I could not stop them.

Little did I understand that I had just been visited by the Social Work Industrial Complex.

I feel no reflexive impulse against Social Workers. In fact--guess what? TWO of my immediate relatives were Social Workers. My Aunt Julie and my Uncle Sal. Get it? But social work is one thing; unthinking fascistic attacks on American rights of freedom and privacy are quite another, and were I President I wouldn't tolerate it. Just like I wouldn't tolerate an American society infested with drugs.

In this abduction, my local "Human Services" and "Health" Departments, backed up Law Enforcement, unilaterally, unceremoniously, and arrogantly insinuated themselves into a family they knew essentially nothing about. Their heavy-handed tactics, based on incomplete information as most mistakes are, generating, predictably, a whole raft of problems for our family, and the special blog entry that you are presently reading begins to record that cascade of problems.

I've never personally related to the above quote by former President Reagan--until today. Events can change our political and social views--and mine have just changed, sharply. The conspiracy theorists and Libertarian-types shouting about government intrusion didn't need to shout one syllable--it was the actual actions of the government, itself, in this case the "Human Services Department" of my local city government, that brought this phenomenon home to me, as a reality. A pernicious, truly dangerous reality that takes American notions of freedom and privacy and lights the match to them. The government workers standing on my porch telling me that I HAD, not only to let them in, but to see my Mother. MY MOTHER!

I assented, for how could I not. Nor would they permit my presence to mediate for her the shocking onslaught that was about to occur in this poor old lady's bedroom, where she lay sleeping. After about ten or so minutes, they did what I suspected they were going to do:   they turned "see your mother" into "REMOVE your mother from these premises--and you have nothing to say about it."

I honestly felt as though I were living in Communist China or Soviet Russia--certainly not the United States, global-historical bastion of personal freedom, privacy, and "innocent until proven guilty" philosophy.

I am deliberately emplacing this FUNCTIONAL COMPETENCE & ACTUALIZATION WEBLOG entry out of date-order, as it is so important, to me and my family, and the nation.

As a Philosopher and extremely skilled writer I select abducted as an accurate description of what occurred. Kidnapped is equally appropriate. The Free Dictionary defines abduct as:

To carry off by force; kidnap.


to remove (a person) by force or cunning; kidnap.

Even the definition the abductors might find best implies sympathy or justification for what they've done retains the notion of force:

"to carry off or lead away (a person) illegally and in secret or by force, esp. to kidnap."

Do you think the police officers standing there, at least two, would have permitted my obstruction of this process? Had I, then the "force" specified in the above definitions of abduct would have begun. First, manual force, then a non-lethal form such as a taser or pepper-spray, and then, if necessary, use of an actual firearm--a gun.

By the way, for you budding political scientists out there, want to know the two ways you can conclude that your society is essentially a failure?

If it has a hospital system, and a police force.

Continuing, the above-described act occurred by local "Health" authorities under the guise of legality, in concern for her "well-being," which was evidently questioned by a tipster. But it's the kind of legality whose speciousness is eventually revealed, resulting in shifts in the legal code with consequently different approaches and implementations. In analogue, consider the historical absence in the United States of the right of women and non-Caucasian men to vote. For a long time this restriction was certainly "legal." In fact it was so legal for much of our history that were one to attempt to violate it, death would be the likely result. Eventually, however, increasing moral awareness resulted in its suspension and termination.

The activities of one of my personal Sages, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., were at one time deemed a sufficient violation of that which was understood as categorically "legal," that he was thrown into the Birmingham jail.

Thus, legality, alone, is, has been, and indeed will and must always be, a poor indicator of any sort of human wisdom or social desirability, and of course both American and human history are replete with examples of that which was "legal" eventually disappearing under the power of increasing moral and functional awareness and elevation.

In my case, the transient and fickle dictates of "legality" appear to undermine my family, as its fate no longer rests in my hands, the hands that have been immersed in the most grueling kind of caregiving for over seven years now, and over fourteen years before that when I was the sole caregiver for my beloved Father. Evidently the state knows better how my family should be run, than my family does--Mom, myself, my sister Johanna, and by proxy, my Dad.

This is ironic and unfortunate, considering the extremely long history my family and extended family has in our city, and the fact that my Mom worked for the city years ago at the Board of Education, and then as a child as a candy-striper at the General Hospital.

This blog entry is so important that it is the most bare germ of what will be volumes of philosophy and related writing, likely a book, and a robust new plank in my 2024 Presidential platform. I consider myself, through action and belief over the long arc of all my adult years, continuing today, a Teacher of what ultimately matters: Love, Properly Understood. Ergo, the commission of a nonloving act of catastrophic proportion, cover of law notwithstanding, which is obviously what this abduction constituted, a squad of government agents at my doorstep and in front of my house, complete with law enforcement and multiple official vehicles, missing only the helicopter, overhead, insinuating themselves at gunpoint into a family they know essentially nothing about, can yield no lesser treatment.

George Floyd, Part II

A key reason for its importance is that it appears to me to comprise a reasonable additional example of the kind of irrational and thoughtless indifference to human life exemplified by the murder of George Floyd. Mr. Floyd gasped out that he was being killed, to no avail. In my case, I continue to gasp out to hospital staff that when the powers-that-be refuse to let me bring my Mother home from the hospital, as she insists on each night at the end of visiting hours, she becomes so upset and frenetic that it could kill her, as she already suffers hypertension. I meet with no success, however. Thus, the stress of this imprisonment on herself, and its obvious stress on me, which she clearly sees, may kill her. And I feel confident in asserting that her death would certainly not enhance her "well-being."

Whomever did this to us made a colossal mistake that is impacting this family, already facing very tough challenges, in a 1000 different ways--including the reality that the presence of my Mother in a public hospital, a 91 year old UNVACCINATED woman, now puts her in GRAVE DANGER from Covid or a variant--and may kill her.


I'll presume the answer as "No, they did not." Either that, or they have a funny and ultimately incompetent way of balancing concerns for her well-being at home, where she is subject to NO EXPOSURE TO COVID WHATSOEVER, and where, I might add, we were working very hard daily, as a family, to improve her health, with the reality that inserting her into a public hospital environment subjects her to 1001 ways that she could contract Covid every moment of every day. I've been with her every day in this hospital and I'm seeing it with my own eyes.


Under the DEBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION THIS KIND OF INVASION OF PRIVACY OF A FAMILY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND WILL BE LEGISLATED AWAY. This, for me, is now a top priority, for if this trauma was legally visited upon me, then it was, as, and would be legally visited upon other families, as well--and as President I am not in the business of permitting the traumatizing of Americans.

Again, this is not a reflexive impulse against Social Workers. Guess what? TWO of my immediate relatives were Social Workers. My Aunt Julie and my Uncle Sal. Get it? But social work is one thing; unthinking fascistic attacks on American rights of freedom and privacy are quite another, and I won't tolerate it. Just like I won't tolerate an American society infested with drugs.

In fact, this situation reminds me very much of the old slave trade here in the United States, where the agonized cries of separation of Mother from child on the Trader's Block were routinely heard--and routinely ignored by persons who had conveniently convinced themselves of the correctness, even the necessity, of their actions. As my pain at separation from my Mother, and her pain at separation from me, initially upon abduction, and then even more pointedly each evening when I was forced to leave her side at 8 pm, are similarly poignant--and were similarly ignored.

Read this account, especially as its grows increasingly robust, and do the math--the morality math--for yourself.

Young & St*pid

If you're young, don't get upset. We older folks do trade somewhat in this notion, having to deal with young people so much of the time who are so obviously deficient in knowledge, intellect, mature values, and long-term perspectives. Wisdom, patience, conversation, instead of attack-dog tactics and attitudes, as evidenced on the day of the abduction.

For the record, in my case, Ladies & Gentlemen, I'm not a kid. I'm almost a 62 year-old man. Nor am I stupid. I'm very intelligent; some would say, extremely. Nor am I uneducated. I hold a BA in Philosophy from Seton Hall University. I've been cited and published by the New York Times. Nor am I unskilled in caregiving. I caregave my Father for 14.5 years, now Mom for 7+ years, exhibiting dedication to task that by every eyewitness account is exceptional, along with medical caregiving technique that has proven itself amazing. If my local "Health" authorities developed a concern for my Mother's well-being--and notice I write MY Mother, let's not lose sight of this--a reasonable course of action would have been a simple friendly and mutually-informational conversation--not abduction. Nor will I accept the assertion that my Mother was somehow clinging to life with just a few minutes left. My Mother was nicely asleep in her bed and I was well aware of it. The doctor in the Emergency Department confirmed this. I have more detail to offer regarding this evidently incorrect on-site opinion of one of the EMT workers.

In fact, the kids here are those persons who showed up at my doorstep:  in the entire gaggle of city personnel whom came to pay us this wonderful visit, I saw not one face that revealed a person old enough to join AARP (or AMAC). I saw persons ranging in age from early 20s to, possibly, early 40s. At almost 62 years old, Mom at 91, persons of this age are kids, to us. Crime statistics reveal that young people commit most crimes--and even in regular social circumstances initially devoid of conventional crime, such as this, lack of deep experience with people generates mistakes on the part of younger persons--as the catastrophic mistake this grouping of young people committed in taking my Mother away. They have taken an extremely stable home situation and a woman under superb medical care--and destroyed it all.

Provided I'm persuaded that someone holds a genuine interest in the welfare of someone in my Family, I am all-too ready to discuss improvements and enhancements that can be made to my care. As my beloved Father Frank would often assert, let us concern ourselves not with who's right--but with what's right.

Taking my Mother away? Grossly inappropriate, utterly outrageous, and ultimately its own self-contained indictment morally, legally, and medically, for she has been taken from her home environment holding near-ZERO chance of exposure to Covid, to a public hospital environment, where contracting, and being killed by, Covid is very easy for a person of her age.

My mother has lived to be 91 years old, including through three years of a pandemic, still ongoing, WITH NO VACCINATION--you think this was an accident? It's because of the intelligence and saavy of my actions and care, and my knowledge.

It occurred because I'm seasoned in age, categorically devoted to my Mother and family, medically competent and creative, and indeed downright Herculean in caring for, and defending my Mother against every manner of threat, including a local two-bit, quasi-criminal landscaper who has been attacking and torturing us for years with his leafblower, and explicit continuing criminal activity such as Defiant Trespass on our property. I've negotiated it all, and still am. With no help from the City, I might add. If the city was concerned about the welfare of my Mother, they should have assisted me in terminating this particular threat. I did mention it to my local Health Inspector, but the young man indicated he couldn't help much.

It was, in fact, my intention to finally address the problem this season, going so far as to consult our Mayor. Now, however, those plans must be on hold as the city "Health" officials have needlessly tripped us up and blindsided us by thoughtlessly and reflexively abducting my Mother. Now, me and Mom have a new problem, a huge one, that we didn't have before. These well-meaning but thoughtless individuals have just made life 1000% more difficult for us.

Thanks to all responsible for enmiserating us even further!

Now:  whom did you say was endangering my Mother's "well-being"?


Are they same? Clearly not.

The self-assuredly self-righteous persons who showed up at my door to remove my Mother spoke of a threat to her well-being (itself a rather new-agey term not altogether helpful). However, while her health did require improvement, at 91 years old that is not surprising, the fact is her well-being was FINE. Even EXCELLENT. She was in her familiar home, where we have lived together as a family for over TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS, cared for around the clock by an extremely intelligent and highly motivated caregiver, her own son. Every morning she received a cup of extremely high-quality grassfed milk, containing the key nutrients needed for her cardiovascular health, especially Potassium; She also had a banana or blackberries, both of which are extremely nutritious and also directly targeted to begin, in concert with more formal medical attention, to redress her maladies. And, she also received her daily torrent of loving KISSES from her son, as well as all the laughter my strong sense of humor engendered in her--potent therapeutic agents, themselves, as I, and any competent counselor, will assure you.

And there was so much more done for her each day at the house by this writer, her son and full-time, round-the-clock caregiver. So her WELL-BEING was excellent; removing her on that basis was medically and technically inaccurate and thus inappropriate, and therefore a huge mistake. Now, with me at home and she lying in a depressing and dangerous hospital bed, this salutary pattern of ours has been destroyed. All the extremely high-quality foods that I was feeding her are gone-in favor of hospital food. And the daily chance for exposure to Covid.

This is the kind of gross incompetence that often results in circumstances characterized as:

"Though it killed the patient--the operation was a success."

There is far more to say, here, including the very first incident at the hospital that could have killed my Mother--and all the many mistakes being made in her care, there. As a writer, and serious 2024 Presidential candidate, everything must be and is being documented, and this situation will be written about and widely discussed on the campaign trail, whether for me that trail ultimately proves a path, or an eight-lane superhighway.

Moreover, if my Mother dies from Covid or a medical mistake while in this forced hospitalization, which grows statistically more likely with every passing day that she remains there--we're looking at colossal litigation, or at least very bad publicity for a lot of individuals and agencies.

All her medical tests were completed 24 hours ago, or more. We have what we need to move forward with her care. She has been crying in agony to come home--but the kidnappers in their pale imitation of Wisdom have not yet seen fit to release her, and us, from this nightmare [NOTE: finally released.].

My Mother has been stolen, without sufficient reason, intelligence, justification, or medical competence. Even the on-site OPINION of non-responsiveness proffered by the EMT when they were here in my home was CONTRADICTED by the physician at the hospital. That opinion may have been contrived, anyway, for why else did the city already have an ambulance waiting to remove her? This suggests less-than-honest behavior on the part of the city and Health authorities--and of course nothing eviscerates credibility like dishonesty.

As you know, Plank #2 in my Presidential Platform is FUNCTIONAL COMPETENCE, on-and-off the job. This artificially-generated circumstance is a peerless example of WHAT NOT TO DO, to achieve that competence. That's a key reason that it warrants, and will receive, continuing analysis, review, and public discussion.


  1. Came to hospital with XYZ problem/s. Left hospital ("best hospital in N.J.") with XYZ problem/s. More pending.

  2. Hospital personnel apprised that anti-hypertensive Lisinopril causes my Mother severe hallucinations.

    Upon discharge of hospital we find one of the four agents recommended and prescribed for her for home use, and administered to her daily during her stay:  Lisinopril.

  3. No nutritional counseling provided, by anyone, at any time, for any malady, either during, or at termination of, hospital stay. Only medications or other agents recommended and prescribed.

  4. My Mother's dentures not sent home with her. I had to drive back to the hospital to retrieve them. This omission delayed her proper eating for about 12 hours.

  5. Upon retrieval, the dentures were covered in some sort of fragrant green goo that no one apprised me of, that darkened the denture material somewhat, and left small blue bits of residue that I had to pick-out with a toothpick--all of which saw my Mother very angry, likely aggravating her hypertension.

  6. Upon calling her former floor to determine the identity of this substance, I was put on Hold, seemingly indefinitely, forcing me to hang up. No one called me back.

  7. Saturday, April 16, 7:05am. About two hours ago my Mother reported slight pain in her tailbone, and upon inspection that small area of skin was found red. The seat of her commode is hard and frequently complained about by her, and is likely the cause of her redness and discomfort, so prior to her abduction we were in the process of buying a seat cover. This process had to stop, however, when she was abducted, as an entirely new set of concerns, tasks, and potential threats were shoved before us by the action of the government abductors.

    In fact, prior to this abduction I was immersed in a systematic process of redress of all or most of her maladies and issues, including selection of a premier geriatric center to provide her a full workup, The Geriatric Center in Morristown and The Stroke Center in Summit both under active consideration.

    The abduction forced a suspension of all streams of this entire progressive process.

April 20, 2022



I am concerned, and angry, about my Mother--and, of course, the rest of us, whom are subject to the exact same incompetencies--as this unusually bright woman's intellect and cognition has actually been compromised in recent days not just once by a medical event, presumably a stroke, but twice:  1.) first, by the medical event, the presumed stroke, of February 25, 2022, unidentified by the several doctors, that is, a neurologist, cardiologist, pulmonologist, and two geriatricians, at Hackensack Hospital, "the best hospital in NJ," and then, 2.) second, by the well-meaning but bumbling doctors at this facility, who evidently prescribed her a medication with paranoia as a side-effect--with no advance warning or notice, of course, thereby again compromising both her cognition and her person, that is, her personality; all that makes her who she is.

The medical event in question, above, seemed like a stroke, so that's how I'll refer to it.

The government agents came in like gangbusters purporting to guard the "well-being" of one senior, my Mother, 91, whilst running roughshod and obliterating the "well-being" of another senior, myself, at almost 62 years old. Evidently they forgot about me. How clearly intelligent, mature, professional. Another element of this abduction that they evidently didn't consider was that, after the hospitalization they'd likely be tossing my Mother back--where? Why, right back here, of course, where I, her son, am her caregiver. But with a difference. Whereas prior to the abduction I was her son and proud and diligent caregiver, now, after the shabby and indeed criminal way that they treated my Mother and myself, they're tossing her back to a caregiver who, while continuing and indeed accelerating my duties, is demoralized.

Since the loss of my Father in 2015, in concert with continuing injury by neighbors and neighborhood interlopers, and one adult child in almost perpetual absentia, there is a lot of pure misery and pain in this family. The criminal act of abduction or its equivalent thoughtlessly perpetrated by these government black-baggers, with all its fallout, that I've just begun to chronicle, here, has substantially increased this misery.

For persons whose professional stock-in-trade is characterized or summarized in words such as social, like "social worker," or human, or services, as in "Human Services," or even health, as in "Health Department"...these individuals don't appear to have much of a grasp of the social, the social component or dimension of people's lives and existence.

This is likely due, in part, to the relative youth of these persons, youth bringing with it lack of experience and education, among other deficits. The balance of the gap is likely due to low native intellect.

April 22, 2022


About 1050a

Here are the next two phases of my Mother's new-found misery, unthinkingly foisted upon her, and us, by our all-knowing local government agents, backed up by police power.

My Mother's paranoia, a behavior that she's never exhibited in her 91 years of life--NEVER--prior to ingestion or other introduction into her body of a small group of pharmaceuticals during her Forced Hospitalization, has returned. When it appeared several days ago I plumbed it with her which is what led me to conclude that the paranoic thoughts that she was expressing must be a side-effect of something force-introduced into her. I did my best to rationally persuade her that these thoughts were absolutely nothing more than a delusion, and I thought that I succeeded in the endeavor.

However, about 24 hours later I learned that I did not, as the delusion recurred. Nor could I, if the delusion is being generated by chemicals in her body; in other words, the pharmaceutical Atorvastatin. So this poor woman, who has never suffered a delusion in her life, much less a a paranoic one describing one or more persons who, she asserts, want to kill her. I might also add that this particular delusion is especially grievous as my Mother is, and has always been extremely well-liked by her family and law office colleagues, and, in fact, her propensity to help others may have been apparent from a young age, as she served as a candy-striper at what was then called Passaic General Hospital. During her law-office years, much later in life, she was loved by all "the girls," perhaps especially so by one particular employee for whom she expertly procured sale of a house, thereby saving this young lady and her parents from a reportedly abusive husband (whom I'm sorry to say was one of our Newark law-enforcement officers). Were it not for my Mother's legal expertise, that she readily and willingly apeopleied to the case situation of this young woman, this young woman and her family would have been, have remained, in big trouble.

Nor does this action surprise me, for in later years as I came to know my own Mother better, I began to see the compassion in her, often expressed and apeopleied. How very distasteful and inappropriate, then, is the character of this delusion:  someone seeking to hunt and cause grievous harm to my Mother--especially now at 91 years old, and bedridden. In my work I speak of "The Cascade" [©2020 VFD], which is the essentially unavoidable sequence of events, most or all being injurious, that flow from a single originating injurious event--which is why it's so vital that persons and societies refrain from causing injury, as one injury almost inevitably Cascades into many. In the case of my family, government agents came to my door, insinuated themselves into a family they knew nothing about, and force-hospitalized my Mother, thereby setting into effect a Cascade starting with the literal risk of death as the agents evidently didn't bother to ascertain whether my Mother had been vaccinated against C19--she hadn't--and now followed by the next Event Node:  paranoic delusions evidently caused by one or more of the pharmaceuticals or other agents administered to her during, and after, the Forced Hospitalization.

But there's more. Upon coming home last night, as I began, above, my Mother reported unusual pain in her legs, and, mild difficulty swallowing. I quickly attributed the former to one of the drugs given to her during her Forced Hospitalization and afterward by me by prescription, such as the Atorvastatin she's now taking for cholesteral, and the latter to her very recent development of cold. However, to my shock, upon consuling MedicineNet.com for the contraindications for Atorvastatin, they list pain in the extremities--that covers her leg pain--but also list development of a cold! I never thought that development of a Cold could be a side-effect of a pharmaceutical!

I'm so glad to see how egalitarian these pharma companies are in their generation and distribution of side-effects, up-to and including, or perhaps I should say down-to and including the common cold.

(11:17a: as i'm writing the above the telephone rings and I answer it, it's a relatively civilized-sounding woman asserting that she's with Allstate Insurance, looking for Frank De Benedetto because they may be able to save him money on car insurance. I do routinely get calls for my Father, whom I wish I could report to the callers was or was not interested, and was or was not home at that moment. However, as we lost my Father in 2015 I'm afraid that none of this is possible. I've never until this moment thought to pen a thought on this, as telephone solicitations are so common. But it's dawning on me that evidently these networks of callers don't seem to make an effort, certainly not an adequate one, to screen deceased persons from their call rolls, and I chalk this up, that is I identify, this, as a particularly troublesome form of the non-Actualization that describes our species, that we'll begin to address under a DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION, were there ever to be one.)

According to Drugs.com, the side-effects for Atorvastatin are:

"In Summary

Commonly reported side effects of atorvastatin include: hemorrhagic stroke, arthralgia, diarrhea, and nasopharyngitis (i.e. a cold, clarification mine). Other side effects include: urinary tract infection, insomnia, limb pain, muscle spasm, musculoskeletal pain, myalgia (muscle aches and pain), and nausea. See below for a comprehensive list of adverse effects."

Hemorrhagic stroke?! One of the COMMONLY REPORTED side-effects?!

I was told by Dr. Muco, on the "Geriatriac Team" at the forced labor ca--uh, the hospital--that the reason that use of the statin drug was so vital was that without it my Mother's high cholesterol could cause a heart attack OR STROKE. Yet they list STROKE as an actual side-effect of the anti-stroke drug, itself! This is modern medicine? This is insanity.

So the government agents in forcing my Mother into the hospital endangered her life through exponentially-increased possibility of her contraction of Covid, then induced paranoic delusions in her, and now the very drug her Geriatrician recommended to prevent stroke--can actually cause her a stroke.

Drugs.com also lists, as a "Less common or rare" side effect:

"difficulty with swallowing"

OH, GREAT. This is precisely the symptom that my Mother reported to me last night. Although it seems to be part of her scratchy throat, which itself seems to be part of this cold that she developed--which may, itself, be a side-effect of the Atorvastatin!


This is a portion of The Cascade as it exists, so far. I hope it is now crystal clear to anyone reading this deplorable and pathetic account that in abducting my Mother from our home and subjecting her to forced hospitalization, these young and presumably well-intentioned government agents committed an act of shocking injury as well as colossal disrespect. And the account isn't even done--not by a longshot.

As alluded to, above, then, I came home from Rite-Aid last night to find my Mother self-reporting unusual pain in both legs:  severe, and unvarying in its severity, and she had also evidently, and quite coincidentally, developed a cold, as her voice sounded different and she reported mild difficulty swallowing. Shortly after hearing of this latter symptom my own blood pressure rose a bit because I happen to know that, it's status as the #1 in-use anti-hypertensive notwithstanding, one of the contraindications of Lisinopril is angioedema, that is, swelling of the throat or neck--which can be fatal. I thought that perhaps the difficulty swallowing might be the start of this side-effect.

Also occurring to, and worrying, me, last night, was the possibility that some of the smoke from the dope that the young dope across the street was evidently smoking yesterday outside (the first day of legally-available dope in New Jersey), with an audience, I might add, had entered my Mother's airspace, and her body. This is a longshot but shouldn't even be something that I--or you, with your own families--should have to think about.

April 29, 2022



"Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it? That's what it is to be a slave."

-- Replicant Roy Batty from Blade Runner

I've been experiencing trepidation since last night, thinking that maybe the Social Services Attack Squad wasn't through with us, yet, and might appear again, today. By this time of day I don't consider it likely, although you never know. And even if it doesn't appear today, that doesn't mean that it won't appear some other day, soon.

And, of course, any parent whose little Billy or Suzie has been bullied in the schoolyard knows that this is the problem with bullies:  you just never know when the mood to intimidate will strike them. Actually, my Mother, above, expressed the same anxiety--are these people coming back, when, and why?

So this group of well-intentioned geniuses despoiled not just my Mother's state of mind--but mine.

Sharpen Your Pencil

I assure you that the above narrative is going to get far longer, as I found this so-called "best hospital in New Jersey" to which the government agents black-bagged my Mother an interminable (i.e. never-ending) and shameful geyser (i.e. turbulent hot-spring) of error and omission, as we can already plainly see.

This whole thing represents but yet another of the train wrecks that we human beings, most of us little more than smart monkeys, continually perpetrate upon one another. As an Agape Master (one devoted to the principle and practice of Brotherly Love), philosopher, writer, and musician, my work in all these spheres or milieus centers on our most powerful human principle:  Love, properly understood, I have nothing but respect for persons possessed of an impulse to help others--persons like social workers, for example. Or police officers. Or teachers. Or simply someone on the street or at a mall who goes out of their way to help someone else. But--not like this. Helping improperly can easily be worse than doing nothing at all--and the history of humanity shows that it often is.

To wit:  you don't help someone by shoving your "help" down their throat. Especially in an already-defined social framework such as a particular family--someone else's family--that you likely have little, or certainly insufficient knowledge about. Such action represents ego and arrogance, or simple ignorance of the Helping Arts, all of which comprise unsuitable, inadequate, and thus unacceptable motivations and methods for the commission of genuinely loving action.

Much more to come. This account, because it's so substantive, is evidently just getting started, partly because it so cogently and unmistakably illustrates what not to do in helping others, and because it brings in the reality of "official" help, mandated by law, and executed at the point of a gun. A textbook case on several fronts.

I assure you that "help" issued at the point of a gun is not help and is unlikely to be construed as such, or is a corrupted, contorted, improper, or otherwise compromised and suspect form of "help."

As of yesterday, Thursday, April 21, 2022, drugs are legal in the state of New Jersey. Evidently, at least some of those responsible for this brilliant, informed, and sagacious piece of social engineering actually think that it's going to "help."

Often adorned with a glittering veneer, "Help" just as often hides an interior that is ugly, unwieldy, insubstantial, or otherwise unworkable or untenable, functionally or conceptually, without significant expertise.



APRIL 07, 2022


Upon the abduction of my Mother and her transport to Hackensack Meridian Hospital, self-proclaimed "Best Hospital in New Jersey," I got to the hospital as fast as I could, though it took me quite a while. Upon arrival I entered the Emergency Department Walk-in Admitting facility, and took my place in line to see the intake clerk. She was an African-American woman at the Intake desk, behind a glass barrier.

I was in line for a brief period, and eventually there was just one gentleman in line in front of me. He told the clerk: "I've been coughing and sneezing, and this morning I was just diagnosed with Covid."

She processed the man and he walked off, and sat down.

Referring to me, as I was next in line, the Clerk then said:


In other words, the Clerk was requesting that I walk directly into this man's airspace, possibly picking up the virus--to be immediately and easily transported to my Mother--and likely a whole lot of other people.

Good thing that Mom was in the "Best Hospital in New Jersey"--I'd hate to think of what could befall her were she in any lesser.

Yes--such events definitely and easily contribute to the improvement of her "Well-Being."




Are you beginning to question your own competence, about now? Read on. You will be, soon enough.

Keep abreast of this blog entry as it grows, to further understand the DAMAGE that you've done to me, but most of all TO MY BEAUTIFUL MOTHER. At this moment as I write this, Monday, April 11, 2022, 12:41pm, I am home and she is not. She is lying in a literal Den of Covid. Had you not interfered and intruded, she'd be home now, having gotten her usual hyper-healthy breakfast, targeted to her maladies, resting comfortably in her own bed, using her own commode, in her air-and-humidity-controlled bedroom, with all her familiar sites and sounds around her, listening to her radio occasionally, while I sat downstairs continuing my effort into deciding where she and my sister would take her for a medical workup. She was fully stable and in no immediate danger, a diagnosis proffered not by me, but by Neurologist Dr. Dash of Hackensack Meridian Health Center upon neurological examination, and her Geriatric Team of the same hospital, upon viewing her brain CT scan--all of which I already knew or suspected.


Someone in the crew of interlopers who invaded my home on April 07, besides ruining one of our chairs, scratching our wall, and causing other problems, threw a cardboard box full of papers right up against the heating vent in the wall. Whomever did this didn't even have the presence of mind to close the vent. Nor evidently did anyone else notice it.

Thus, for those real thrill-seekers for whom Threat #1 to my Mother's "well-being"--KILLING HER, just isn't enough, comes Threat #2 to her "well-being"--BURNING DOWN HER HOUSE. And were I to die in the fire--KILLING HER SON, WHICH WOULD BE THREAT #3.

Shall I go on? Or is murder and conflagration (i.e. a large, destructive fire) enough?

OK, OK, I'll throw another one in, but there are even more. Whomever prepared my Mother to leave the hospital forgot to include her dentures. Thus, a good 12 hours later and she still cannot eat properly! [NOTE: I picked up the dentures, myself.] And there's more, trust me, a lot more. This will likely turn into a book, at the least. This action on the part of my city was a complete, counterproductive fiasco.

DENTURES UPDATE: Upon receipt of my Mother's dentures I found them covered in a kind of blue-green syrup that smelled like Listerine. In trying to clean them it appears that this substance darkened the denture somewhat, and left bits of blue in cracks and crevices. I began to clean the denture, and told my Mother about it, to which her response was one of anger at whomever did this to her denture. I told her that I'd use a toothpick to remove the blue residue, then finish cleaning them, and I recommended that she simply use them, and I'd find out later what the substance was

She was having none of it and angrily insisted that I call the hospital to learn what this stuff was. I can't say that I blame her. More detail later, but essentially what next occurred was the nurse with whom I spoke about it, who gave me her name and status, Charge Nurse, indicated that she'd attempt to find out what the substance could be, and placed me on hold. For a long time.

As so much time had passed, a full fifteen-minutes on hold these seems seems like an eternity, and she had not done a telephone on-hold "touch-base," that is, returned to the phone to indicate to me that she hadn't forgotten about me but was still checking, and I had to get my Mother fed no matter what, I elected to hang up.

Unless I'm mistaken, this is the same nurse that was supposed to adjust the heighth of the commode that my Mother was using in the hospital as its present heighth was unsafe for my Mother, but never did it, then when I mentioned it to her in my Mother's room, she did not respond.

The nurse who treated them with the bluegreen mystery liquid should have attached a note telling me what the stuff was. That would have been a proper professional touch. As usual, Professionalism is desirable because it addresses issues both of a technical/functional nature, and an emotional-social nature. She left no note. At present, then, we have darkened dentures with a blue mystery substance, largely removed. And a 91 year-old Mother whose "well-being" was, in fact, yet again neither safeguarded nor enhanced at all by the actions of my local government Hit Squad in abducting this woman, and its unwitting support network.


I just had a conversation with my Mother. She is now afraid. Afraid because given the autocratic powers and attitudes recently in clear evidence by what amounts, from our point of view, to the forces of darkness who abducted her, with her son having zero to say about it, nor even consulted--nor even asked before bringing Mom into a public hospital whether she'd been vaccinated (no), she's seeing her world taken from her in an uncertain manner. She doesn't know what's going to happen, next, or anymore, is essentially how she characterized the reason for her fear, and I don't blame her.

This is probably the worst threat to her well-being, as fear is insidious, ruining the very fact of existing as it darkly occupies the mind and raises the blood pressure, releasing a flood of adrenal chemicals into the body. Just what my Mother, already suffering hypertension, DOES NOT NEED--A POTENT NEW SOURCE OF ANXIETY.

And, by the way, in regard to any decline in cognition that my Mother has experienced because of her recent medical event (in fact the doctors could find no such event), in this we can Welcome my Mother to the general American social pathology:  what do we suppose is going to happen to the brains of all the New Jerseyans, both long and short-term, who will now be LEGALLY SMOKING DOPE? ESPECIALLY IN CONCERT WITH THE PROJECTED SHARP RISE IN DEMENTIA? Read the main page of my Presidential platform, as I introduce this potentially catastrophic problem.

Are you sufficiently guarding your own cognitive health? Here's a critical tip:  immediately discontinue use of all vegetable oils, present in most foods, such as Canola, soybean, cottonseed, etc. in favor of only olive, palm, avocado, and coconut, as well as real organic grassfed butter. Vegetable oil consumption destroys blood vessels leading to stroke and heart attack. If you follow this guidance, I'll have just SAVED YOUR LIFE. If you elect me President--I'll save it TEN TIMES OVER, in many different ways.

Continuing, my Mother is quite correct in what is now a fear she's developed over what her future may hold, as its evidently apparent to her that other forces have now usurped the care and role of her own son. At her age, with her vulnerabilities, and given the extremely close relationship that she and I have, seeing the control of her son being wrested away by anonymous outside forces must be very frightening for her. It's the loss of her bedrock, her touchstone, her socio-existential reference point. And since Dad is gone and Sis is largely absent, it's the loss of her last functional, tangible, and conceptual connection to her own family, and thus, as well, her very identity. You'd think that someone among this gaggle of social workers and Human Services personnel would recognize this, and attempt to curb the mass impulse among them toward this kind of well-meaning fascism, as they trip over each other's feet in their zeal to do what they think is the right thing for my Mother.

Again, Fellow Americans, that's MY Mother. It's ultimately up to ME to determine what's best for her, in concert with her. And if she can't decide, which she surely still can, then it's simply up to her children, which is myself and my Sister. Power-of-Attorney? That is a legal mechanism. And society has comprehensibly developed legal mechanisms as it has not yet evolved enough to fashion and rely on MORAL mechanisms.

The road to HELL is paved with good intention--remember this elementary reality.

The sheer incompetence implicit by this abduction action is staggering. If there were ever an action destroying they whom were sought to save--this is it. This abduction, as all human mistakes, was based on INCORRECT INFORMATION, THE BASIC MISTAKE COMMITTED BY EVERY AMATEUR SCIENTIST, SOCIAL OR PHYSICAL:  INADEQUATE OR NON-EXISTENT INFORMATION GATHERING. In this case, it was assumed that my Mother is old, feeble, doesn't know what's going on, and must thus be protected (from her longterm caregiver--her own son). WRONG. Even with some decline in cognition those who interact with my Mother regularly know that this woman has a strong mind. Even I was surprised by it as my caregiving role deepened and continued.

This morning my Mother didn't look very good. I asked her what the matter was, and she told me she's miserable.

She feels traumatized by what was done to us by our city. Including our neighbors having seen the armada of official personnel and vehicles around our home. She said, "I'm an intelligent person and I'm not going to treated like this."


Now, as I work very hard to re-incorporate my Mother back into her own life and home, with the added complications created by this abduction, as partially described on this page, I find that have a "visiting nurse" to whom we were referred calling me, to visit my Mother. I hadn't had a chance yet to return her call, as I've been extremely busy since my Mother came home, mostly just taking care of my Mother, though some time spent, as the above "green dentures" incident illustrates, trying to fix the various messes and gaffes committed by this evidently sprawling group of well-intentioned buffoons (attempting to be loving in my expressions of anger at these people).

I just received a second call from this "visiting nurse" (how benign this sounds), and, just as predicted, her tone this time was far more stern, and this time she indicates they want to do an "assessment." Well, Ms. Nurse, my Mother just returned from Hackensack Hospital after a five-day term--she's obviously already had a fresh assessment--by an entire Hospital Team.

If this visiting nurse works cooperatively with me, firmly rooted in the understanding that this is MY Mother, and I, in concert with my Mother, make decisions, then this nurse, when and if I'm ready to call upon her, can perhaps be part of the Solution, and her assistance will be appreciated. If, alternatively, she conducts herself in any opposing manner, then she'll have defined her role for us as part of the Problem.

If such persons are this interested in her welfare--fine. And thank you. Given my devotion in my work and life to the value and principle of Love, properly understood, no one appreciates genuinely loving persons more than me. Love is even Plank #1 in my Presidential platform. But let me teach that Love and concern must be expressed properly, and Principal #1 is:  you don't shove help down someone's throat. Assistance must be freely accepted, not mandated. The opposite approach implies the creeping entry of ego, inappropriate for someone attempting to practice the Love ethic and asserting deep concern for one or more persons.

In this instance, if someone wishes to exercise dictatorial control over MY family, as my local Health Squad did on April 07, 2022, they'll have to go to Court, change their last name to De Benedetto, and become, not just a de facto, but a de jure (in law) member of this family. And they can then also begin to assist with the grueling and interminable work that actually caring for someone involves, that, in fact, I've been doing for Mom for over 7 years now, and 14.5 years for Dad, before that. For such good-hearted and earnest newcomers to our de facto little nursing home, I'd suggest starting with Mom's commode:  it's due to be changed. I do this at least once every 24 hours.

Or, such persons can simply express their concern in a civilized fashion--not with an armed battalion on my front doorstep, and occupying 1/3 of my street. The only thing missing that day was the helicopter circling, overhead--or did I miss it?.

Incidents like this, befalling Americans all over the country, cannot help but indicate that bedrock American values like freedom and privacy are eroding, with this country apparently on the slowboat to China--Communist China.


Friday, April 29, 2022


My Mother just finished again relating to me the particulars of the paranoiac delusions that she's been suffering, while in, and now after, her forced hospitalization at Hackensack Hospital. While at the hospital they occurred over several nights, were extremely intense, and everyone on the night shift, both medical and security personnel, witnessed them.

Prior to this forced imprisonment my Mother had no such delusions. They must be related to one or more of the pharmaceuticals administered to her in the hospital in oral and vaccine form, and briefly afterward when I gave her two doses of the statin drug Atorvastatin that was prescribed for her, which has the reported side effect of mental disturbance including paranoia (quote and link pending).

The injury to this poor woman from this obviously ill-conceived and poorly thought-out interference, intrusion, and insinuation into our family by a bunch of kids who work in our local Human Services & Health Departments just gets worse and worse with every passing day. My Mother was essentially fine at home under my care, and, in fact, as stated elsewhere in this account, I was actually in the process of arranging a full medical workup for her at a premier geriatric facility, not Hackensack Hospital, "The best (read: worst) hospital in N.J."

In their egoism these kids (one of whom erroneously calls me "Mr. Vincent" instead of the proper "Mr. De Benedetto"), these kids probably imagined themselves doing a wonderful thing, swooping in to save Mrs. De Benedetto from...what? Her deeply-loving 61yo son who has been voluntarily, competently, and creatively caregiving both his parents for over 22 years now in toto, and has kept his Mom not only alive and well for her 91 years so far, but has, in fact, kept her alive through three years of a pandemic? Is this whom she needed protection from? Is this whom was endangering her "well-being"?

Moreover, the drug that may be causing her delusions, Atorvastatin, which is understood to lower certain forms of cholesterol, but is also officially noted as causing paranoiac delusions, isn't even necessary to prevent heart attack and stroke, and in fact does not, according to Dr. Ken D. Berry, M.D., who states:

"...lowering your total cholesterol and lowering your LDL cholesterol does not in any way lower your risk of heart attack and stroke. There are other things that you can change in your diet and your lifestyle that will absolutely lower the risk of heart attack and stroke, but taking a statin or red yeast rice ain't [sic] one of those things."

-- Dr. Ken D. Berry, MD, Family Physician

If Dr. Berry, and other physicians and medical researchers who now agree with him, is correct, and my Mother's delusions are caused by the Atorvastatin, she should not be suffering these delusions, as there was no incontrovertible reason to have given her, and then prescribed for her, that or any other statin drug.

Furthermore, in experiencing these paranoiac delusions her blood pressure, already too high, is probably going up. And if the delusions are continual she could even be moving toward adrenal fatigue, which could put her very elderly body under grave threat.

Oh, yes--based on the presumptuous actions of these children, who appeared at our front door on April 07, 2022, backed up by men and women with guns, my Mother's "well-being," which, all things considered was absolutely fine in the first place, just keeps getting better and better.

May 01, 2022



Less than 15 mins ago my Mother called me upstairs frozen with fear. She had an expansive delusion whereby many people were here in the house and it frightened her.

This problem appears to be getting increasingly serious.


I've been downstairs for about two hours now preparing to make my Mother an omelet.

In coming upstairs about ten minutes ago I was discussing the meal with her and she seemed difficult in specifying how she wanted the food prepared, the cooking supeopleies cleaned, and related matters. Starting to finally leave her room, it occurred to me that maybe she was difficult regarding the cooking because she was already upset or had otherwise lost her equilibrium. Were this the case, I knew that the cause would almost certainly be what I can now accurately term her continuing delusional thoughts, or visual hallucinations, which she began reporting, as well, as of, I believe, last night.

Accordingly, I asked her if during the time that I was downstairs preparing for her meal, she had experienced any bad thoughts or had any hallucinations. She began thinking about the answer and I told her I didn't need specifics right now, just a yes or a no. She indicated yes, that she had experienced these states.

May 03, 2022



At about 3pm my Mother called me upstairs because she's again having distinct visual hallucinations.

She reports many people in the house; not bad people in this instance but still frightening as they're not there because of any agency (i.e. willful action) of hers. There are people appearing right in front of her, full-sized, going about their business though sometimes talking to her. She was trying to sleep as I'm going to the market shortly, but reports that because of these hallucinations she cannot sleep.

Months before the abduction I took her off the anti-hypertensive Lisinopril as it was causing her these very hallucinations. Then she was abducted by the city and brought to the hospital, but because she arrived there under their control and not mine, the normal intercourse I would have had with the doctors was likely abridged. So what did these doctors evidently do without consulting me--again, why should they--they put my Mother BACK ON LISINOPRIL.

I took her off it again almost immediately upon her return home, of course. So I'm hoping that these are simply residual effects as occurred the last time she stopped the drug. Had my Mother not arrived in the hospital under the control of the City, purportedly someone living in an "unsafe condition," the doctors might have consulted me, in which case I would have told them categorically not to give her Lisinopril, or for that matter Amlodipine, which also gave her hallucinations. I know her medical history intimately. So the root of this latest problem arguably is the abduction of this human being, completely divorced from the input or participation of her adult son and long-term caregiver, who is fully conversant with his Mother and her full medical history. Who is "on the job" with her, day-in-and-day out, sees it all, and is continually working toward improvement.

This latest incident, and indeed this entire developing narrative, encapsulated into a corresponding book that is, unfortunately, writing itself, comprise and describe the kinds of consequences of the arrogance of:  "We know better than you."

And "Just let us do our job."

Oh, really? And what is your job? Swooping in "out of the blue" as Gods, right into my home and, indeed, right up into my parent's bedroom--my presence forbidden--then putting my Mother in distinct peril multiple times in multiple ways over the course of the coming days and weeks enough times to potentially kill her?

These incidents comprise yet more examples of how my Mother's "well-being" has been safeguarded by the young persons who abducted her. She's having hallucinations again after I stopped them, and can't even get to sleep, which is her principal means, by the way, and not a bad one, of coping with my brief absence as I do the marketing. Well, not today, evidently.

There's actually a word for this, ladies and gentlemen, aside from crime, cruelty, incompetence, and arrogance:  torture.

May 04, 2022


Just came from my Mother's room--this woman is very clever.

I was "arm-wrestling" with her for about ten mins about how i was going to ppr her scrambled eggs, i finally say "Just taste them, i'll do my best," to which she replies, without missing a beat, with a loud, singular assertion:  no, you have to do my best.

Thanks to the individual at "Hackensack University Medical Center" who put my Mother back on the anti-hypertensive Lisinopril without the brains to consult her long-time caregiver, her own son, to see if this medication agrees with her, my Mother has again been experiencing hallucinations, likely Lisinopril-generated. This is precisely what happened previously at home when her PCP thoughtlessly prescribed them for her. While in the hospi-prison she was also put on Atorvastatin , administered Heparin, and given God-only-knows what else. Thus, likely based on the Lisinopril, is she again experiencing frightening visual hallucinations, as well as, evidently terminating only recently, a persistent paranoiac harm delusion that her life was in peril, a delusion that caused severe acting-out in the hospital, changing a week later once home to the lesser paranoiac delusion that one or more persons sought to cause injury to her life, without necessarily killing her.

In fact, there exists, at the least, a 2008 report of Atorvastatin causing paranoia in an aging woman. The U.S. National Library of Medicine states:

"...There have been a number of published reports of central nervous system (CNS) adverse effects with statins."

"...A 79-year-old woman developed paranoia, anxiety, and behavioral changes approximately 2.5 weeks after starting Atorvastatin 10 mg/d. The patient had no other medication changes at this time. After 2 months of therapy, the patient discontinued Atorvastatin, and her symptoms fully resolved after 4 days."

"...This is the first case report, to our knowledge, describing paranoia as one of the symptoms associated with statin therapy. Our report suggests an adverse reaction due to the initiation of Atorvastatin via the temporal relationship between the start of Atorvastatin and symptom onset, as well as termination of therapy and subsequent symptom disappearance. Use of the Naranjo adverse drug reaction probability scale to assess causality revealed a "probable" association (score, 5) for this adverse event. This report emphasizes the possibility of paranoia as a CNS adverse effect due to statin therapy. Statins are frequently used in older populations and should therefore be considered when such CNS adverse effects occur during therapy."

Moreover, according to the United States National Library of Medicine, Atorvastatin evidently causes nightmares, as well:

"A 72 year old woman with a history of longstanding hypertension, treated hypothyroidism, heart failure, and chronic renal failure started taking 10 mg atorvastatin once a day because of hypercholesterolaemia. Concurrent drugs were 75 mg(?) levothyroxine once a day, 5 mg amlodipine once a day, 100 mg atenolol once a day, and 50 mg losartan once a day. Five days after starting atorvastatin, she had extreme nightmares each night for two and a half weeks. Because of a presumed connection with her recently started statin, I discontinued this treatment for five days. No nightmares occurred. Although reluctant for a rechallenge, she agreed to take the atorvastatin again, which promptly resulted in nightmares; these dreams disappeared after discontinuation."

Given all the above-cited foreign chemicals or other agents operating on, and distorting, My Mother's mind, two nights ago, she, lying in bed, asked me:  "Am I safe?"

Now, tonight, about 48 hours later, she said to me point-blank:  "I'm afraid."

The stated objective of the local government hit squad who appeared at my doorstep on April 07 was to ensure my Mother's "well-being."

Do you think that a 91yo woman who is evidently so afraid, post-hit-squad, that she articulates it point-blank, has had her well-being ensured?

Friday, May 06, 2022


five mins ago my mother began hallucinating again, perceiving a moving circular pattern of some kind, remarking, quote, "im scared to death," indicating that it's not necessarily even the hallucinated images that are frightening her, but the fact of the hallucinatory phenomenon, itself, which I can understand.

We discussed it briefly, and she remarked, "this is very scary."

Moreover, earlier today, twice, she remarked or queried such that I could see, which she confirmed both times, that her harm delusion is back. At this point she indicates that it's not someone who wants to kill her, nor do her physical injury, and in fact she thinks it someone with good intention, but because they are unknown to her, their presence or intention is unwanted. I confess some deflation at this, as I thought that, at least, the delusion was gone, leaving then just a matter of time before the Lisinopril-generated hallucinations to slowly disappear, as they did the first time, described above.


My Mother is upstairs in bed, utterly miserable at this new state of affairs--none of which is her fault and that simply shouldn't be.

Are you understanding more deeply, Fellow Americans, the perspecuity (i.e. perceptiveness) former President Reagan's assertion:  "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'"?

Or, perhaps even more simply and generally put:  "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions."


About an hour ago she said, We're in trouble. We're in big trouble.


At almost 62 years old, I've been interested in, and studying, health and nutrition my entire adult life, and in fact I've had a unique and powerful health website for years now. Upon caregiving my Father during his ilni my education in health accelerated and intensified, as it continued to upon starting care for my Mother over seven years ago.

In learning about health an inquisitive mind cannot help but learn about those who administer health, starting with doctors, themselves, and the key lesson that I've learned in this regard is that, given the colossal, the monumental, the simply staggering amount of health and medical information available for consultation or patient care, almost all of it steeped in almost infinite complexity and detail--being a competent doctor is actually extremely difficult. This profession is not, or should not, and indeed cannot be for the intellectually faint-of-heart, absent, or uncommitted.

Why was my Mother's Primary Care Provider, an awarded Medical Doctor, unaware of what I was aware of:  an apparently fairly-widely known potentially lethal drug interaction between the Lisinopril he knew she was already taking, he prescribed it, and the Bactrim DS that he subsequently prescribed her for a potential urinary tract infection?

His mistake could have killed her.

If a physician, and you don't unfailingly spend a few hours each night and on weekends reading and studying medicine and health to continually expand your personal medical KnowledgeBase, I'd be a bit reluctant to publicly identify myself as a doctor.

Adding to the complexity and difficulty being a physician is negotiating the profit imperative, your own and that of the myriad companies, starting but not ending with the pharmaceutical companies, that seek to influence you.

Good Luck. And I mean that--for we are depending on your excellence.

And respectfully:  if you know that you're not a particularly good physician, nor are likely to become one, please leave the profession. Your mistakes can mean the difference between life and death.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

My mother is ruined. This woman's life is ruined. The Human Services and Health Departments of my town have all but ruined this poor woman's life.

She told me earlier today that from now on, if I go out, marketing, for example, she has to go with me. This, however, is impossible; she hasn't been out of the house, or her own bed, for that matter, under her own power for a long time now.

And why must she go with me? She states explicitly that its because house's she's afraid to stay home by herself now because of the hallucinations, evidently Lisinopril-generated, that she's having since her return from the hospital. Her delusional thoughts don't seem to play a role, according to her.

Again, I had taken her OFF Lisinopril many months ago because it caused her hallucinations. After a convoluted ride up-and-down with the images disappearing, then reappearing, then, finally, thankfully, permanently disappearing, for which she and I were so thankful--these imbeciles at Hackensack Hospital put her back on Lisinopril, without consulting me.

And of course, one reason they may not have consulted me has to do with my Mother's status in that hospital:  not as a patient there voluntarily or having been brought in by her concerned family, but a forced hospitalization, instead, brought in under duress by the State, based on a summary, on-site decision that she was unwell, with zero consultation or even the presence of her adult son and long-term caregiver. Thus, he need not be consulted. Well look at the consequences of that point-of-view. If my Mother was unwell prior to hospitalization, she is extremely unwell, now, her symptoms being, as they say in Law: "fruit of the poisonous tree." The poison tree is the abduction and forced hospitalization, and the fruit is her many new symptoms and problems, all described, above, and, I would argue, potential problems such as the Covid that she could have contracted being unvaccinated, that have arisen from this poisonous tree.

Saturday, May 14, 2022


Listening to THE PULSE on NPR on caregivers. One aspect of such care mentioned is that caregivers often think that their care must be perfect. Sure-when a state or local infrastructure exists whereby literally anyone, relative, friend, neighbor, anyone, can register a concern, in other words, an opinion, about the welfare or well-being of the caregiven, and local or state authorities are bound by law, or their own hubris, to "investigate," said investigation perhaps even excluding the caregiver, no matter the relationship to the caregiven or the history and duration of care, and perhaps even permitting removal of the caregiven to this or that medical facility, even against the objection of the caregiver, when this kind of autocratic infrastructure exists, OF COURSE caregivers are going to feel, perhaps paranoiacally so, that they must be perfect--for if they're not and someone notices, the caregiver might just find a government hit squad at their doorstep resolute in its intention to do...anything that it wants.

This is the ridiculous misfortune that befell myself and my family--and some of you. Perhaps in the spirit of former President Reagan, however, I can assure you that under a new DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION, we will do our best to eliminate this awesome power to forcibly separate families, even if temporarily.

Monday, May 16, 2022


R - E - S - P - E - C - T

Another consideration:  the individual from the Health Department whom I believe was responsible for this travesty knew that I was running for President. He heard my outgoing message indicating same, that also specified my Presidential website. I don't know if he visited the site or not. Having not only interacted with me a number of times previously regarding a citation we got for improperly-maintained property, but also knowing that I was running for President, hearing the professionalism of my outgoing telephone message, as well as remarks I've made to him personally regarding the need to build a loving society, and, in fact, my own personal overture to him, an apology for not tending to the property maintenance in time as promised, an apology given on personal, not resident-health department terms, considering all this, you'd think that this young man would have thought, and communicated to his colleagues in Human Services, "Look, this is a really smart guy, and an usually caring guy, we really can't treat him this way; just go in and snatch his mother away. It's going to be seen as very disrespectful and he's probably not going to tolerate it, either."

Now, I'll bet that the latter sentiment in some form was communicated, which is probably why on the day of The Abduction, my street, let's call it "Fallen Court," a short, narrow, cul-de-sac, looked like there was a SWAT team here. Missing, only, was the police helicopter, circling, overhead. Perhaps I missed it.

The rest of the above sentiment, however, if it existed, must have been consumed by the insidious, consuming phenomenon of Stupidity that evidently held the participants firmly in its grip that day.

And again, notice that consonant with my most advanced philosophical theory of human injury and transgression, I have not labeled any person stupid, but instead referred to, and advanced, the notion that people can become consumed, gripped, or otherwise influenced, by what I refer to as the phenomenon of Stupidity.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Just had a conversation with my Mother. She remains fixated, consumed if not obsessed, and angry with and about her abduction. She continues to fixate on it and mention it. She also harbors a concomitant fear that these same authorities are going to come here and abduct her, again. This is the pain that the gaggle of young incompetents from the Human Services Dep't have wrought in their gaffe. Based on my exchange with her of about 15 minutes ago it's also obvious that she's still harboring delusional thoughts about someone seeking to injure her, perhaps in lower-form by causing disruption or inconvenience to her life. It just occurred to me that perhaps this delusion, itself, actually also refers to the first harm just described--fear of another abduction.

What's worse is that she is interpreting, or at least recalling, these events somewhat haltingly through the lens of, if not nascent dementia, then certainly some memory loss.

These individuals were obviously ignorant of the psychology of abduction, that is, the deleterious impact upon the mind of the person abducted, and their loved ones. It easily represents government possessed of a tool it simply doesn't know how to use.

Thursday, May 26, 2022


My poor Mother reports that she continues to experience hallucinations, visual and now auditory, as the imagined figures speak and interact with her.

The near-terror that these hallucinations induce in her is why as of about three days ago she has forbidden me from ever leaving the house. This is a problem.

Again, the brain-generated images began after she returned home from her forced hospitalization, initiated by the geniuses in my local Human Services Department, brought into our lives by the actions of some RAT who proffered an opinion concerning the welfare of my Mother. In ratting, he or she may have thought themselves acting according to mandate, and thus obligated to reveal what they saw, heard, or simply assumed, in other words "just following orders." Even a competent cursory acquaintance with history, however, understands that orders must be followed, or not, according to the dictates of reason and humanity, not blindly, and if the Nuremberg Trials taught us anything, it's that the claim "just following orders" is insufficient to justify inappropriate actions toward other human beings, and that orders and mandates must be tempered and assessed with reason and humanity, and then obeyed--or not.

There are several factors that evidently facilitated the RAT to talk:  low native intellect, youth and lack of life-experience, or ignorance of history and the mandate NOT to follow corrupt or problematic orders. Hence the wisdom of not giving government too much latitude and power in the first place, as implied in the memorable quote by former President Ronald Reagan:  "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.' "

As stated above, the brain-generated images began after she returned home from her forced hospitalization, likely because they put her on the anti-hypertensive Lisinopril. I was already aware that my Mother hallucinates on Lisinopril--which is why I discontinued it. But no one consulted me. Neither the incompetent doctor who prescribed it for her, nor the incompetent doctor who authorized its administration during her tenure in the medical labor camp came to me, her son and longtime caregiver, for information on her tolerance for this drug. Had they, I obviously could and would have immediately apprised them that she hallucinates on it. They may have refrained from consulting me because of the status of my Mother's stay there:  not a family initiated-visit to the hospital, but a forced or legally-mandated visit by local social workers because of an assertion that her son--me--may have, or did, endanger her "well-being." In fact, the nursing supervisor, another obvious mental midget named Josephine, I believe, made a remark to this effect one night during my Mother's medical incarceration.

It is now up to me to save this woman from complete mental breakdown--in other words, to do the kind of heroic caregiving that I've been doing now for almost 23 years, first for one parent, now the other. The kind of caregiving that the no-nothings in Human Services implied, by their raid that removed her from her home and my care, was somehow inadequate and suspect.

The only thing obviously inadequate and suspect here is the intellect, professionalism, and sensitivity to people of the government Hit Squad who abducted my beloved Mother, and in so doing threw my family into a full-on tailspin from which we seem far from recovering.

I can state categorically that her "well-being" is 5000% worse than prior to her abduction.

Friday, May 27, 2022


doctors at Hackingsack prescribed her baby asp and folic acid.

first of all why give her folic acid, the synthetic form of folate? I learned that there are a lot of problems with the synthetic form:

but here's the real deal: I just learned the following from MayoClinic.org. (https://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supeopleements-folate/art-20364625)

if she's down in Folate (vit B9), this can actually kill her. MayoClinic.org states:

"Heart and blood vessel disease and stroke. Folic acid works with vitamins B-6 and B-12 to control high levels of homocysteine in the blood. Elevated homocysteine levels might increase your risk of diseases of the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular disease)."

No one mentioned ANYTHING about this to me. they did give her a prespcri for a folic acid supeopleement, but no one told me anything about it. not a word. in fact they discharged her with no real consultation with me on any aspect of her health.

they cold me that her ldl cholesterol was very high. abut twice what it should be, and said without controlling it with a statin, it couldlead to strokes and heart attacks (which many health atuhorites dispute, asying the real issue is the size of the ldl particles). but no one mentioned anything about this being the, or a, possible cause of her strokes and heart attacks. im wondering if the "geriatric team" even saw her neuro scans or was aware of her neurological profile. i was told that high ldl cholesterol could cause these neuro problems; no one told me that her folic anemia could, too.

Monday May 30, 2022


About a week ago my mother finally produced a tiny bit of bowel.

Then yesterday a piece or two more, a touch bigger, one of them reasonably formed. Then today more robustly-after not having defecated for about three weeks, probably longer. If you know health you know that three weeks without defecation is probably considered a medical emergency. Rate of healthy and normal defecation for a human being is daily. And such parameters would be even more closely monitored for someone elderly. Had any medical professional or personnel been apprised of this they would have likely insistend that she be taken to the hospital immediately as a gstl gastrointestinal or other emergency. But they werent and they didn't and she wasn't, and knowing my mother, and knowing her bowel habits particularly, I wasn't worride. And her bowel movement today proves that isuch a visit wouldn't have been necessary, but would have inconvenienced her, and us, and in fact give her uvcd status during thi spandemic-would have literally edgd endangered her lfie. The point speaks to the action taken by the Human services dpt department of my city: medical psnnl arnt always right, even when they think they are, and even when they think they are based on past medical or treatment experience or medical science. There's something to be said for the experience of the patient, and her caregiver-especially when that caregiver is her son, providing long-term care, with an intimate knowledge of their charge. Hence the folly of the government we-know-better-than-you-itis. Here's the picture that they likely based their decision on: 1. No hot water in the house. 2. Cold water, but in the basement only. 3. 91yo woman who (allegedly) failed their awareness test or, in their opinion appeared 4. Observation of possible "hoarding" behavior. If there are other indicting elements I don't know them. As well as possibly this: Previous complaint about the well-being of my Mother, though investigated and case closed. (The complaint was filed by my ibcl sister, however, as, instead of helping me with Mom, her peanut brain imagined that mom's well-being could be improved by snapping the whip ever-harder at me.) You got all that? GOOD. BECAUSE NONE OF IT MATTERS. If you think it matters then you're playing their Fascist game. In fact, and in reality, in this country and around the world people live all kinds of ways under all kinds of conditions, some of which you may disgree with or think harmful. YOUR OPINION REGARDING HOW I OR MY FAMILY LIVES DOES NOT JUSTIFY THE LOSS OF OUR AMERICAN RIGHTS TO FREEDOM AND PRIVACY AS WE LOST HERE. If the city of Passaic wanted to be a good neighbor it could have spoken to me-NOT ABDUCTED MY MOTHER.


WHILE I WAS FORCED TO STAND IDLY BY. They sent in a veritable commando unit, complete with armed police officers. There were so many official vehicles and personnel by my house, I should have wondered…hey, where was the helicopter?

This is especially ironic because not only did these imbeciles place my mother in real jeopardy for her life-I mean real jeopardy, not the possible or imagined jeopardy they based their actions on, but, in fact, my mother has made it very clean she does not like hospitals as the possibility of medical and related mistakes is simply too high. people are simply too incompetent these days. She and I have been of one mind on addressing health concerns at home and with local doctors and facilities-and the right to hold this view and act on it is an expression of our rights as Americans. THEY VIOLATED THAT.

Has everyone forgotten about the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution, prohibiting illegal searches and seizures? If the illegal search and seizure, and right to privacy of, one's "papers," as the Constitution specifies, is protected, how much moreso would presumably be protected the right to the privacy both of one's health, medical, and lifestyle decisions? she considers them incompetent-which in this case they certainly were in some measure. and I discussed this several times and she has always eschewed hospitals. She has said many times, I do not want to go to a hospital. Moreover, in fact, she also expressed the wish to me that I NOT get a covid vaccine! MY MOTHER AND I ARE VERY SMART AND VERY INFORMED AND THUS ESCHEW HOSPITALS, AND ANY CARE NOT ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, AND EVEN THEN ELECT TO GET SAID CARE LOCALLY. And naturally, when possible. So WHATEVER CONDITION OF HEALTH MY MOTHER WAS IN WHEN THE FASCIST DOGOODERS ARRIVED WAS THE CONDITION OF HEALTH WARRANTED, AND FULLY APPROPRIATE, GIVEN THE WISHES OF MY FAMILY, ESPECIALLY MY MOTHER, HERSELF. JUST BECAUSE YOU, THE GOVERNMENT OR IT'S AGENT, DISAGREE WITH OUR CHOICES DOES NOT ABROGATE OUR RIGHT TO MAKE AND EXECUTE THOSE CHOICES, FREE FROM GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE. IN A WORST-CASE SCENARIO, WERE MY MOTHER TO DIE-THEN SHE DIES. WE ALL DIE AND SHE KNOWS THIS. AT LEAST SHE DOES SO ON HER TERMS-NOT YOURS. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TAKE THIS EXISTENTIAL RIGHT FROM HER. NATURAL RIGHTS SUPERSEDE, BY FAR, LEGISLATED MAN-MADE RIGHTS. AND THE RIGHT TO OWN AND CONTROL ONE'S OWN LIFE IS THE FOUNDATIONAL NATURAL RIGHT. MAYBE YOU GOVERNMENT FASCIST DO-GOODERS, YOU "SOCIAL" WORKERS, SHOULD DUST OFF YOUR OLD SOCIAL STUDIES BOOKS, AND REMEDIATE YOURSELF REGARDING WHAT SOCIAL ACTUALLY IS AND IMPLIES. Moreover, caregiving my Father for 14.5 years I learned that, unless one lives next-door to a hospital, judgment must be exercised regarding when to take your charge to the Emergency Department. You can't necessarily take them every time they have a complaint or report a symptom, as old people almost always have a complaint and a symptom.

This will now be a plank in my platform-no human slavery, no abduction by government.

FRIDAY, JUNE 03, 2022


about 15 mins ago had to give my moother a talk, as, and im so sorry to write this, but her mind is slipping. thats cnly how it seems. im trying to prevent it, in part by urging HER to prevent it. resist these irrational fears, irrational, andin one case, re the city coimng back here, improbable.

[Note, July 28, 2022. Improbable? What does a bully generally do when not stopped? They repeat their transgression, sometimes even more injuriously.]


My mother's mind is slipping.

The deterioration appears to take three forms:

  1. Constant obsessive fear that the City is going to come back here and take her away again, or otherwise do her harm, and I won't



Mother continues to hold an active traumatic fear that the city will come back here, abducting her again or otherwise causing her pain. My efforts to minimize such belief failing.


This is a very fearful woman. afraid of people coming into her home, a neurotic and injurious thought evidently rooted in, and generated by, the abduction. She keeps coming back to that. And fears that it, itself, by the same malign actors, may happen again.

My mothers mental health has essentially been destroyed by these do-gooder imbeciles (DGIs).



I'm very fearful that the Local-Government Commando Unit (GCU) that abducted my Mother last time is going to return--perhaps even today. I write this because ML, the local Health Department representative was here today snooping--why did he ask whether my Mother was home? My beloved Mother remains in mortal fear of such a second visit, and if it occurs, especially if they abduct her again, or worse, attempt to remove her permanently from her home, I assure you that they'll have finished what they began on Thursday, April 07, 2022 of this year--the death of my Mother and end of the De Benedetto Family, all in the name of being helpful, help, or assistance of this or that kind being an expression, and subset of, Love. But the misuse or misdirection of help can harm instead of help, which is why I always refer to Love, Properly Understood.


The stupid actions--note that I didn't call any person stupid, I refer only to behavior--of the group of individuals who invaded our home hurt us. We're still hurt and we'll be hurt far into the future. Who knows if they'll even attempt to repeat the performance.

But let us all shed a tear, because their mistake is fully representative of the way that we humans hurt each other all the time--and for literally no, or easily resolvable, reasons.

If these individuals had come to me as human beings with Love and respect, not as government agents, bureaucrats, and bullies, I would have been open to their concerns about my Mother, and we could have engaged in a Mutual Search for Truth regarding her--and everyone else's--life and health. "Mutual Search for Truth" (M.S.T.)--this is what all social processes in a healthy society should be, and under a DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION we'll come as close to this ideal as any nation could.

I share the optimism of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Social Philosopher Erich Fromm, and others, that learning to Love is something within the capacity of we human beings. We just have to realize as a group that developing this capacity is desirable and, indeed, necessary, and then start the work.

Dr. King spoke of the erection of the Beloved Community. I speak similarly of the erection of the long-dreamt-of Brotherhood of Man. I think that he and I are speaking of essentially the same, or a very similar, thing:  a new mode of human social organization with Love, properly understood, at its core, that recognizes that we're all Brothers and Sisters in One Human Family on this planet.

This fully Love-based paradigm does not animate my present Presidential campaign, which is obviously rooted far more in the here-and-now of America, but is a much longer-term objective for America and the world. The principles of this paradigm, however, starting with the renewal of Love and Connectedness between Americans, my Presidential plank #1, certainly lay the foundation for that longer-term paradigm shift.

The principal difference between Dr. King's paradigm and mine is that Dr. King's roots more explicitly in Providence, that is, divine belief, or God. For my part, I do cheer, and tie my work to, among other sources, the second Great Commandment of Christ:  Love Your Neighbor.

Who is our neighbor? As Christians already know:  everyone.

In building a future for Humanity based fully on Love, I echo the profound words of the Alicia character from the fine film 'A Beautiful Mind':  "I need to believe that something extraordinary is possible."

How about you?