1. Dignity shall be restored to the United States Presidency.

  2. The United States shall act as a force for good in the world, although not at the expense of national security.

  3. Every American shall be taught, and such teaching shall be reinforced, that all persons in this world are brothers and sisters in one human family--and should treat each other accordingly.

  4. Until such time that moral law predominates, we shall recommit to the standard of conventional law. Meaning, for example, that all persons having come here illegally shall be deported, with exceptions for those whose life would be genuinely imperiled or present other especially compelling reasons to remain.

    - Persons brought here unknowingly, especially children, are exempt from these guidelines.

  5. The armed forces shall be rebuilt into a fearsome and advanced fighting force, able to win full-scale wars on at least two fronts. Impediments to effective fighting such as fast or junk food, inordinate time spent continually fiddling with smartphones, or inordinate focus on pornography or sex, shall be severely discouraged.

  6. Every able-bodied or able-minded American shall serve three years in the Armed Forces.

  7. Every American shall be taught critical thinking skills, and such skill shall be reinforced through their lifetime.

  8. Factors contributing to the decline in physical and mental health of Americans, starting with armed forces personnel and other citizens performing critical functions, shall be corrected. Fast food, for example, known to be nutritionally bankrupt and interfere with optimal physical and mental development and maintenance, shall be made more nutritionally sound.

  9. We've got to stop killing Americans, so abortion shall be outlawed. A large scale, effective, nationwide network of adoption shall be created and fully funded, so as to integrate into the life of the nation and its culture. Said effort shall be promulgated globally to influence every other nation to stop the global genocidal holocaust of emerging humans.

  10. Persons feeling themselves to be homosexual shall undergo continuing psychological counseling to ascertain the validity and veracity of said feelings. Said counseling shall include attempts to de-emphasize homosexual impulses in favor of heterosexual. Cultural elements that tend to confuse sexuality or homosexualize men shall be sharply discouraged.

  11. The gold standard shall be reinstated, and all unsupported currency shall be withdrawn from circulation.

  12. The United States shall lead an international effort to build a powerful planetary defense, in case of extra-terrestrial attack, which scientists increasingly consider possible.


I am a 57 year old native born American, holding a B.A. in Philosophy from Seton Hall University. My original writing on Terror has been quoted and cited by the New York Times. In terms of real-world politics, I consider myself a conservative Democrat. I did not vote for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders.

A substantial introduction to my intellect, value system, and general world-view is available through a careful examination of the promotional site for my upcoming book LOVE ETHIC. I wrote every word of that site. Additionally, search my name as presented for my 20+ web sites, each conceived, researched, written, and built by me.


I would also consider running for Mayor of my home town. Persons familiar with me who wish to so urge me, should form a solid initial support bloc, and then approach me. I would make a superior public official:  even persons who have had conflict with me must admit that I am smart, educated, articulate, honest-to-a fault, and care deeply and actively for everyone. Additionally, my strong knowledge of health and nutrition will help elevate our city, comprised of many children, to gold-medal status in adult and child Health.

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